Who Is Doc Denbow?

Who Is Doc Denbow? Doc Denbow is merely an alias that I hide behind to make it more difficult for stalkers and the mentally unstable to find out who I am.Denbow Quite a few people call me Denbow, even though it’s not my name so that may or may not be a clue. That being said there are some people who read my blog know exactly who I am. Mind you there is a picture of me here so perhaps I’m not that anonymous, so anyone looking for me could walk the mean streets of Swansea looking for an attractive but short man in his 50s with a Black Country accent. I’m willing to sign autographs, open supermarkets and stuff like that.

Is there more to tell? Well that’s a very good question. Sometimes I know exactly who I am and exactly what I am, but now and again I really do surprise myself. I have been writing this blog for just over three years on whatever subjects run through my head. I’ve written about football, music, tv, newspapers, politics and blogging – and me and foibles and insecurities. The words that you read on this blog are all mine, unless they’re an attributed quote, and express the way I feel and think at the time of writing. I don’t tell lies on this blog and I try to do everything I say I’m going to do.

I’m older than I used to be yet I’m still younger than I’ll become and I’m English but I reside in Wales. I have been married since 1984 and have 2 children who are both in their 20s. I used to manage record shops in days before the record shops all closed down but I’ve been lucky enough to have a job. Outside of blogging, I enjoy writing in general and love music. I read a lot and I think my favourite author is Jerome K. Jerome, 3 Men In A Boat is a work of true genius. I have watched way too much TV and easily get hooked on the sort of programmes that should only appeal to intellectual pond life.

If you want to know anymore, just ask….I’m pretty much an open book.



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