Posted by: docdenbow | January 8, 2017

They Know Where You Are

I know for a fact that if you are reading these words then you are using a smartphone,  a computer/laptop or a tablet. Think about that for amount. I know something about you – yes you! – and how your every movement, every email, every Tweet, every Facebook comment and every Instagram photograph you post is being seen and digested by Big Brother. Hell, Big Brother even knows what websites you visit, the A to Z of your interests and perversions. Oh yes indeed the Internet is truly wonderful, the biggest library of knowledge that humanity can conceive and can conceive of.

But it comes at a price.

img_0030These days we’re all slaves to technology and we think we control it. We think, mistakenly, that it’s there to serve us, but is humanity that’s in chains. Our Tweets betray our thoughts, our Facebook posts show us having a “good” time. Social networking only exists to show everyone that you are happier than they are and someone is making a bloody fortune out of it. We are the raw materials used by these IT factories to make money except we are too stupid to notice. We marvel at the GPS facilities on our smartphones but “they” know where we are. It’s bad enough with them knowing who we are, let alone where we are. We willingly let faceless monolithic corporations invade our privacy so that they have a better chance of forcing us to like the tat that they ruthlessly advertise in order to get us to hand back as much of the pittance they allow us to have.

Let’s face it, the machines and their controller are taking over.

It’s a scandalous global conspiracy and like all good conspiracies there is a trail of bodies of those on the inside who have tried to speak to the free press. The Men In Black have been doing their masters bidding silencing, discrediting and making dissenters disappear. The conspirators have control of all means of communication, everyone is being bugged. Everything you own has the means to betray you. Sell you out to the highest bidder and keep you in line.

Is there anything that we can do? Well yes there is. Twitter is there to be subverted, not by trolling but by Tweeting constantly and making use the revolutionary power of pictures of cute kittens or crap jokes. Those in the know will understand the underlying metaphor and responding accordingly with a like or maybe even a retweet. These simple actions will show up Twitter as the crock of shit that it really is. Facebook can be contaminated by posting hundreds or of pictures of your tedious days out. Do this often enough and they’ll both have to go down to Argos to buy a new hard drive to store your shit on. That’ll teach them. Please, please, please post bollocks on Twitter, scream in the empty field of no @ replies.

Once you’ve got all that under your belt, start a blog. Write any old rubbish that springs into your head, fill pages with stuff that makes no sense at all. Write in a random haphazard way. Make some spelling mistakes. Miss out the odd word to make it all a nonsense, it’s not that hard to do. Really, it isn’t. Nobody will read it, but that’s not the point is it? You’re there, subverting the conventional way of living and thinking. Showing clearly you’re just as much as a lunatic as the people who make money on H2 documentaries and soon you’ll find something to sink your bleeding gums into.

It’s a big wide world out there. One that’s clearly a fetid cesspool of decomposing morality, but hey that’s cool. I quite like fetid cesspools anyway.

Be back soon,




  1. It’s a wonderful life, we don’t have conscription and not many power outages, there’s unlimited food in the supermarkets if we have enough money and unlimited entertainment without leaving our cosy houses.
    I feel especially blessed now I’m retireded and getting my Universal Credit without any strings.
    Like yourself, I am ambivalent towards FB; whilst I’m aware they are doing their best to make money off my back, I am immune to advertising and love seeing the holiday snaps of my lovvies. So much cheaper and more convenient that taking my rolls of film to the chemist (I still have a few undated ones and have no idea what is on them).
    Unless the leccy goes off permanently, I don’t suppose we can go back to a supposed golden age of innocence, so just keep ducking and diving Denbow. and best wishes for 2017. Maybe the USA will suddenly mature and forget Murder Death Kill and our masters may suddenly become satisfied.

  2. Its nice to read something so good as I enjoy my lunchtime sandwich. Thought provoking stuff.


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