Posted by: docdenbow | March 11, 2016

You Me And Elvis

So Brian Johnson the lead singer is AC/DC is likely to quit singing live with the band. Although their output has been sporadic since the release of Back In Black the live shows have filled stadia around the world. There has been an article in The Guardian suggesting that the band should just call it a day especially since the very sad health issues of Malcolm Young. Should brand AC/DC soldier on?

There are several pros and cons to this. On one hand you have the thought of the band becoming a sad parody of themselves and on the other you have the simple fact that any band calling themselves AC/DC will continue on like a juggernaut with no brakes as long as Angus has his school uniform and his SG. Does Angus have a duty to carry on, for he is undoubtedly the main attraction, for the sake of the millions of fans around the world? To be honest I don’t really know, but how many of us have bought a post Back In Black album I wonder?

Are these aging rock gods an irrelevance offering nothing more than a trip down memory lane or they a necessary part of our collective psyche, our need to reminisce, our desire to relive the halcyon days of our youth? These OAP rockers don’t usually make new music, certainly none or of little of merit, they are there because they can’t let go and they want the £££££ and to fuel their ego. Very few record or try something different. Very few take chances. In the main it’s merely a case of regurgitating the back catalogue to appease the hordes who fill the stadia. However, for all of that many of today’s artists have no back catalogue to fall back on. Their appeal is ephemeral and they burn like Icarus and end up as difficult questions on Ken Bruce’s Popmaster quiz on Radio 2.

It’s clear to me that in pop culture the filmmakers, TV producers, even musicians are bereft of ideas and inspiration. How many more more “reboots” of films and TV programmes are we going to see? Don’t start me on execrable cover versions warbled by some deluded nonentity on TV “talent” shows, it’s just plain horrible. I swear that if someone ever destroys a Nick Drake song on X Factor or The Voice I will not be responsible for my actions. Take a crafted song, rip the guts out of it and put it on prime time TV. We watch, we lap it up and get carried away on the wave of mediocrity and succumb to the tide of the lowest common denominator. You could say we are drowning in an ocean of cultural excrement.

I suppose that someone clever with letters after their name has said something along the lines of “there’s nothing new under the sun” and I’m sad that I have to agree. I think that in part that’s why people are such suckers for conspiracy theories and total faith in the existence of Bigfoot or UFOs or God for that matter. Most people are looking for validation, some way of validating their lives. If by trawling the Internet, reading books they can cobble together some wacko ideas about who killed JFK and why or who was really responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers then these losers would somehow validate their lives. The Mayan calendar geeks have showed themselves up when the planet didn’t self destruct a couple of years ago and the Bigfoot hunters are still out there hunting. But if they did ever did find the answer, the solution, the beast, then fame and fortune would surely follow. Are these people subscribers to an intellectual lottery, aren’t we all?

Suppose, for example, a bloke from Croydon called Dave worked out, without fear of contradiction, just who it was who behind the (so called) JFK conspiracy. Then what? If he told anyone he’d either be laughed at, locked up in a loony bin or bumped off by the descendants of the conspirators. See what I mean? Then we come to Bigfoot. Ah yes Bigfoot, that elusive beast which has never left any physical evidence behind. No bodies, no properly tested DNA and so on and so forth. What if on a holiday to Washington state I saw one. What if I took some bloody good photographs? What if I caught HD quality of old Squatchy, huh? What if I took him to a place where clever people could take a proper look at him? What if I took him back to where I found him and leave him there. Then what? If word got out then I guarantee that the poor bastards would be hunted to extinction in next to no time by gung ho, gun toting, trigger happy rednecks and old Bigfoot would once more return to being a beast of myth and legend.

Forget crackpot theories, I’d say forget religion. Strip away your vanity both physical and mental and realise that fundamentally we’re all the same. Me You and Elvis. You should use your life, do stuff, simple stuff. You should only challenge yourself on a day by day basis to be happy. Nothing more than that. There’s no magic formula, no special shortcuts.

Just life




  1. well done Doc, back to some form here, I like it 😀

    • I’m glad you liked my little ramble. Just a random collection of thoughts.

      • what is the polldaddy link?

      • Don’t know. Just checked and I can’t see it!

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