Posted by: docdenbow | May 25, 2015

Denis Is A Bore

Way back when the world was young, Doc Denbow decided to get back on his horse and launch some kind of presence on the internet. He’d had little website before  “DrDenbowsRockbox.” This was on Freeserve web space and contained little articles and reviews about bands from in and around Swansea. It was a miserable failure. Nobody looked at it and like and abandonedbuilding it fell into disrepair and basically just keeled over and snuffed it. Then Denbow discovered WordPress and found that it was a piece of cake to create a fairly good looking site and as an added bonus he could rant and rave all manner of crap to his heart’s delight knowing that absolutely no one was looking.

He was shocked and stunned to find that as time went on the stats showed that people were actually reading what he was writing and this made him carry on. He carried on ever buoyed by a mania to share what it was that annoyed him and to express opinions everything. He posted stuff about himself, his life experiences, and his beliefs. Yet for all of the joy the writing process provided, over time he began to feel that he was repeating himself or writing just to get hits. He felt he’d sold out. Certainly the quality and quantity of Denbow’s stuff declined steady through the latter part of last year (2014) and to be honest he wonders whether he should carry on. He says that he doesn’t, but I’m here to sort the lazy sod out. He writes quite well when he’s angry and I’m going to make him angry by taking over his blog for a while and posting on it because the great conceited and lazy git that is Doc Denbow just can’t be bothered. He’ll be angry when he wakes from a booze fuelled slumber to find himself locked away in the shed with only a a radio playing John Farnham’s “You’re The Voice” over and over for company.

So for a while while you’ll just have to put up with me. I’m just someone who rarely gets angry, rarely has a strongly held opinion and is I am acutely aware that I am just a teensy weeny bit boring. I’m no a wit, raconteur or anything else. I’m just me and I have nothing to say that will remotely grab your attention. I’m not very interesting at all. I’m conservative in my thoughts and lifestyle and am a typical middle aged grammar school under achiever. I have had no impact on the world and my existence is both tedious and futile. My only success is my ability to fail unerringly in each and every one of endeavours. In fact I think it’s only fair to tag me a a loser or even a non competitor. All of this leaves me with a problem. Although my imprisonment of Doc Denbow may well get him writing again, I cannot think for the life of me just what it may be that I can write about in order to keep the great man’s seat warm so to speak.

The only thing I can write about is my dreams. For all of my life I’ve wished that I was artistic, able to draw and sketch. I’ve watched people draw, both on the TV and in person and with a few delicate swipes of the pencil a figure or a face or a flower just appears as it by magic. It must be wonderful to be that creative that a simple pencil and paper brings things to life, captures moments in time and creates a little bit of immortality. I’ve looked on the internet at pencil sketches and even online lessons. To this end I’ve bought artists pencils and two sketch pads so that I can have a go. However, such is my consistency at fear of failure the pencils remain sealed in their tin and the sketch pads are untouched. It appears that I although I have what is needed I’m not having a go; that’s me all over.That’s what makes me boring and tedious. I’m the eternal “I’m going to….” chappie who eventually tires people by telling them just what it is he’s going to do and then not do it. When I do this I hope they don’t recall my boasts of my plans. I know they do but they are too polite to point it out. They just give me a wide berth.

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up for now.




  1. That just about sums me up Doc. The thought of being able top grab a pencil and make something of it, my oh my I would love it, but the thought of failure holds me back, in fact scares me to death..

    • It’s not just the drawing with me., it’s just about anything.

      What doesn’t help is that I’m a lazy bastard and full of talk, talk, talk and very little action.

      Procrastinator par excellence

  2. I love drawing too and almost peed my pants with excitement when I discovered Pinterest! I endlessly browse the draw manga searches then doodle manga characters in meetings. Very therapeutic!

  3. but Denis, you have an impressive name, although I suppose that is your parent’s doing, but it’s a good start. Life can be quite too busy to be creating stuff, especially to order. Best wishes mate 🙂 Baz

  4. Drawing is all about practice. I’ve dabbled over the years with mixed results (the results being poor to utter shite) but I love doodling cartoons. I used to draw a lot of cartoons as a kid. When I was about nine I used to draw my own cartoon strips and had several of my own characters of which two were worms (easy to draw!) The creative bug we are born with. Some people want to be creative and some people like to consume creativity. Hence the industries of entertainment, movies, music and all of the arts. Those few who are really good will make it, the rest of us have to be hobbyists dipping our toe and having a go. My advice would be just that, have a go. Draw but don’t share, practice and practice. Eventually you’ll find a level of competence you are happy with and then you can take it from there. Remember, the very act of writing is also a creative outlet, not everyone can write a blog, some people struggle with shopping lists! As far as blogging goes, take a look back at your early time on here, the first six months. Re-read stuff and try and get the feeling you had at the time you wrote that. I do that when I can’t find the words or have no motivation. Also remember that a lot of creative types are usually down on themselves, suffer anxiety and depression, and struggle with the conflict between creativity and what those nearest and dearest will do or say when they find out that you want to write, or draw, or what ever it is that floats your creative boat. Believe me when I say this – we have all paid a price with our friends and families for writing and blogging. I too have become somewhat of a joke among some friends for it. But in the end I always come back to the same spot. I do it for myself and the hundreds of people from all over the world who do read what I write and who do have a genuine interest in the world of blogging, the craft of writing and admire people who have an opinion, or a sense of humour, or just something they want to vent. Don’t put pressure on yourself, you don’t need popularity or success. You need to love it simply because you do. I know you love writing and you’ve done it to the entertainment and engagement of hundreds of people around the world for many years, remember that. It’s nice to see a few new posts on your blog here in recent days too.


    PS Denbow is going to be pissed, I’d check that you locked the shed door. you don’t want him sneaking up on you armed with a rake!

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