Posted by: docdenbow | May 4, 2015

Taking The Easy Way Out

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For the past few weeks I’ve kept my opinions on almost everything firmly to myself. Furthermore, I have been pretty contented and happy in my life. Everything has been, as they say, cool. nothing much has happened of any consequence to me and mine so I really do not have a lots to say or write about. I half made up my mind to write about the General Election campaign(s) but then thought that it would be too much like hard work so I decided not to bother after all. Yes, I took the easy way out. That’s one of my hobbies and personal traits that is. I love not bothering and taking the easy way out. It generally removes all of the stress and generally negates the need for gentle massages and having your feet rubbed. Warm baths with scented candles become an irrelevance as you just park yourself in your favourite spot and generally do bugger all.

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You don’t have to announce your plans to the world because you don’t have any. You also save time and energy because the manufacturing process for plans and announcements can be quite taxing. I think that simply put I have dropped out of life to go to the hippy kingdom that is my head. That is not to say that my days pass me by as if I’m have been lobotomized. I have watched a bit of TV, read the odd book and listened to the wireless. My life is so exciting that last Saturday I patiently took some two and a half hours updating my BlackBerry Q5 to the latest version of OS10. That was a most satisfying experience for me.

I wonder what has caused this complete and utter torpor? My little brain used to be alive with ideas and hare brained schemes. I had excitement in my mind and had a great joie de vivre from the plans that I made but knew deep down I would never ever realize. That was never the point. That madcap enthusiasm has drifted away like smoke from a Papal chimney, leaving what? Yes, leaving what exactly? Leaving someone who has expectations of life that he knows won’t be achieved, ever. someone who wants to do stuff knowing that stuff will never be done. Someone who is seeing the sparking failing to ignite.

If that sounds like I’m depressed, don’t worry I’m not. I’m someone who has had to make a few stark choices and has had to compromise my wants.

Fucking horrible word is compromise.




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