Posted by: docdenbow | March 26, 2015

Man Or God? Who’s To Blame?

In the past, when things have annoyed me, I have tried to let things go. In the past I’ve been a bit of a doormat for people to walk on me without a care.

*Anyone who reads any of my ramblings will be able to guess what word comes next.*

*However*………However, I am a tad fed up of being treated as if I’m a clown. I’m not interested in trying to join in with things when it’s completely and utterly clear that my participation is not required and any contribution I make is dismissed.I have decided that as I get left out then I’ll stay left out and I won’t bother trying to ingratiate myself as it seems to get me absolutely nowhere. I could tell you what’s brought all this on. I could, but I won’t as it will make me sound petulant. Suffice to say my whole mindset is now irrevocably changed.

Two Airbus A319 of Germanwings at Stuttgart Ai...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changing the subject somewhat to something important and worth giving some thought to, I expect that you are sharing my horror at the Germanwings air crash in the French Alps. The news that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the aeroplane is beyond my comprehension and has certainly reinforced my fear of flying. What kind of world or what kind of God would allow this kind of thing, and other atrocities around the world, to happen? It’s all part of of God’s great plan is it? Try telling that to the relatives left behind. Besides just who is God anyway? A simple construction made by the collective psyche of humanity, perhaps?

Voltaire said ~ “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”?

Voltaire blessing Franklin's grandson, in the ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder why he said that? Was he bored or pissed or what? Was he trying to start a fight with a Priest? I don’t know and why should I? No reason to be fair, to be honest. I’m not one of those philosophers with a candle and a quill. No, I’m not that. I’m not even close to being that I’m afraid; sorry to shatter your illusions so cruelly. In a nutshell I am unable, with my extremely limited intellect, take Mr. Voltaire to task for his statement. You know, ask him to explain it and back it up with some facts and diagrams even. I’m a bit too dense to do that. Anyway I don’t know where he lives and he’s dead. Voltaire wasn’t even his name, I guessed that much, as it sounds a bit too cool. No, his name was François-Marie Arouet and he died in 1778 so arguing with him about God in a language I don’t understand would prove to be trying for me and him. Probably best to leave well alone and then I can say I had an argument with Voltaire and earned a draw – away from home as well.  Now, I’m not going into the whole “Does God exist?” bit at all, but if you put God in the dock and asked for some answers then I’m sure you’ll find that Jeremy Clarkson was more candid after his “fracas” interrogation than God would ever be.

Anyway, if humanity did invent God my thoughts are really quite simple. There’s lots of people in this world who feel unfulfilled or live in grinding poverty and see wars and famine and diseases ravage whole continents and and countries. We see people wiped out by a virtual genocide of the Third World and terrible suffering faced by those who are left behind. The motivation for this invention of God can only be to give a reason for the state of the world and some reassurance that this misery is all part of a divine being’s grand plan – the masterplan where God knows what he/she is doing.

For myself I wonder if this divine being has lost the plot. Whether the modern world is too much for him and as the centuries have rolled on it’s all got a bit too much. I think he needed help a while ago and tried to make it a “God & Son” type of business. As you know the “& Son” got nailed to a tree and that was the end of the family business. Since then God has struggled and blames it all on man and man blames God for not sorting it all out. That has left both God and man in a real Catch 22 situation each blaming the other. Of course thrown into the mix we have man blaming man.

Bloody fantastic, eh?

So what are the answers? You’re asking me? I’m just a slightly overweight middle aged dreamer who thinks way too much and can use what little intellect that I have to tear things down and point out the bleedin’ obvious.


Go and ask Russell Brand and I bet you he says “paradigm.”

Ciao for Now




  1. Thanks Doc, I enjoyed reading this episode in the ongoing story, especially God & Son. So thank God and Man for football and a pint because the rest of the world seems to be heading for hell in a handcart!

  2. Don’t forget the religious get out of jail free card, God gave us free will. That’s just another way of saying God, if he exists, has washed his hands of us. Not really a nice guy then is he?

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