Posted by: docdenbow | March 22, 2015

Morals? Society Has None

The UK is full of the pig ignorant, who do not have a thirst for knowledge, they merely want to have their blinkered views reinforced in any way available.Sadly for the rest of us there are many ways that these residents of Middle England can have their views validated. They are the goggle eyed goons who chunter on and on spouting their intransigent views at anyone prepared to listen; and often at people who simply don’t want to listen. Some of these cretinous bigots are given the oxygen of free publicity by the media and are lampooned by comedians and satirists. What they forget, however, is that these people are divisive, dangerous and self serving.

Picture of Jeremy Clarkson, on the set of Top ...

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Take The Daily Fail in its coverage of the Jeremy Clarkson debacle. It has changed its stance and views so many times that it is difficult, nay impossible, to work out what the story is. Totally inaccurate reporting hasn’t helped and speculation about Clarkson’s health, drinking habits and love life have inch by inch made it to the forefront of their coverage. This is making the whole episode more sordid and salacious than it already is.

Of course, like those chinless Tory MPs, you can hear Middle England “hear hear” ing every inaccurate byeline in The Fail. Why should we expect different? They are as free thinking as sheep in a flock and believe as fact in any speculation that passes as news. It’s not just the UKIP voting, blue rinse tweedies that are in my sights.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the bug eyed brats. These lager loaded louts alternate their days between playing games on their X-Boxes and petty crime. The ones that can read go no further than the football pages in The Sun (unless they’re from Liverpool) and sweatily wait for the latest news on some overpaid scumbag.

From time to time they venture outdoors, usually to procure some weed from another youth who is sweaty of face and sports the complexion of a smack addict. Having scored they go to visit some ex girlfriend to deny once more that the baby she has is anything to do with him; and that he’s heard rumours that she was “putting it about a bit” when they were together. The gap toothed dentist’s nightmare toddles off in the direction of a mate’s flat to get stoned hoping to find some way to physically express his racist bigotry en route.

Fox Real Time logo on Fox News Channel''

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However, there are other things that perfectly illustrate the toxicity within our society. We’re in a world of blatant stupidity and hypocrisy when it comes to censorship. Fox News, for example, expressed total outrage when a Cub Scouts nature hike passed a nude beach visit and the kids got to see people, err, naked people. The images used by Fox showed a naked man walking away from the camera, but had a black box covering up his bum. This was done presumably to preserve our sensitivities, or rather the sensitivities of the American public. However, however, however, the same bloody Fox News saw fit to describe in graphic detail the execution of a Jordanian pilot. If that’s not double standards and really crass then I really and truly don’t know what is. It suggests that the people of the good old U.S. of A. would find non sexual nudity far more offensive than having to listen in almost pornographic, sensationalist and unfeeling detail about the demise of a fellow human being. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for this and brought to account for its lack of humanity. This type of behaviour by the media has a moral compass that points into the abyss of social depravity and is a malignant tumour on a balanced society.

Of course all of this is just my opinion. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m the only one who sees these things and actually cares enough to feel outraged. Surely I can’t be, can I? Naturally all that I’ve conveyed above is just pissing in the wind as nobody expresses anything similar apart from the likes of Russell Brand and Charlie Brooker. I don’t that they have any commitment to trying to change things. They just use faux indignation to gain publicity for their paid for projects. To me it feels like they’re playing a game, playing the system for all it’s worth. Why does no one care? Is it simply the “I’m alright Jack” attitude or the ability to blame someone else for social inequity as UKIP seem hell bent on doing. Me, I have no idea and I won’t speculate. What I do know is things aren’t as they should be in this world.

You may think that I’m a reactionary and miserable old man. You may think that I talk total rubbish. I doubt whether you’ve even read this far. I know you won’t even click like or comment and tell me that I’m talking trash.

An unheard voice in the wilderness?

I think so.

Ciao For Now






  1. “I doubt whether you’ve even read this far”. – I did.

    “I know you won’t even click like or comment” – I have commented.

    I suppose as a blogger you have to understand the irony of criticising other peoples opinions with opinions. But its OK to do that. You can’t have left without right and any opinion given in a newspaper is open to scrutiny; and an opposing opinion automatically exists; and we all fall into one of many category’s that means we can comment in agreement or opposition to any of the broadsheets, the tabloids or the right/left wing TV news mediums available to us.

    As dark and sickening, as a lot of right wing media is to people like me and you, they are just appealing to a section of the people that want it or need it. We get The Guardian and Private Eye and Channel Four and they get Fox News, The Daily Mail and ignorance. Its what debate is built on and its part of living in a “free” country with a “free press.” Of course its not perfect but that’s why we have to keep speaking out and calling them all out on their bullshit.

    Nice to see you posting again Mr Denbow of Docshire.:-)

    Best wishes.

  2. Well done Doc, good to see a bit of fire in your writings. I wouldn’t wrap my rubbish in the Daily fail; it’s a long time since I watched JC insult non-Brits and I don’t receive Fox tv – although my Ma loves it for the re-runs of yankee detective series, continually about solving gruesome murders.
    Things that anger and scare me are Trident renewal; TTIP; institututionalised paedophilia; never-ending wars; the list goes on…

  3. I told you before about writing down my thoughts !! Good stuff Doc.

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