Posted by: docdenbow | March 2, 2015

Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

After my previous post, which on re reading, makes me appear to be a rather nasty sort of person, I think that I should make some sort of attempt to write something a little more upbeat. I could use my massive intellect, which in fairness is almost equal with that of Philomena Cunk to in turn to enlighten, educate, elucidate to you, my followers to the thoughts of this philosopher that goes by the name of Denbow. I could teach you mantras or in the manner of Kevin in that programme about big stupid houses give you a Grand Design for modern life. but my friends is it worth it? After all that pop group Blur made an LP asserting that “Modern Life Is Rubbish,” so who am I to argue the toss? Well as Twisted Sister shouted out for those not sure, “I Am, I’m Me.”

Blur were wrong, as they were about many things. Damon Albarn may feel Heavy Metal, but that’s the last thing he is, so his pop group’s statement that “Modern Life Is Rubbish” can only be seen as post pubescent rebellion along the lines of assorted One Directioners festooning their bodies with tasteless tattoos. Gone are the days when a Mildred could say to Johnny.

Marlon Brando - The Wild One (Madame Tussaud, ...

. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?”
and he would reply,
“Whadda you got?”

That’s a bit of a shame really, it really is. Johnny has not bugger all left to rebel against. It’s a shame really that all of the counter culture rebellion bullshit has been done before. “Turn on tune in and drop out” was said by Timothy Leary in the 1960s and that  little phrase still makes waves for the youth of today, turn on your X-Box,  tune in the TV that Daddy and Mummy bought and drop out of sight wanking yourself to unconsciousness to internet porn.

Like most of us Johnny has only got First World problems to rebel against these days. Our every whim is catered for, and for that reason modern life is not rubbish. It isn’t for me anyway. I think that if you are one of the retards that not only read, but also believe the contents of The Daily Mail then modern life is indeed rubbish. There are scare stories about everything giving you cancer and pandemics sweeping the globe. There are always serial killers on the loose and pensioners being beaten and robbed in their own homes. Don’t let them get started on Jeremy Clarkson or the weather or women looking a bit rough because they’re not 20 anymore.

Having watched a TV programme presented by Dr Lucy Worsley called “A Very British Murder” I decided that there is something about the majority of people that is fascinated by misery and horror. Apparently in the 19th Century the hits of the day were songs sung in boozers and in the streets about murders, for example there was a big hit with a song about the murder of Maria Marten by William Corder in the infamous Red Barn.  His execution drew a crowd of which the aforementioned One Directions would be proud of. As such, times haven’t changed that much in my opinion. Turn on the telly or pick up a paper or read the interweb news sites and you’ll see that it’s usually misery at the top of the page. That or sensationalist irrelevance about Kim Kardashian’s oily arse. We collectively rub our hands together outraged or giggling in equal measure. As a species, society we seem to have our priorities a bit oily arse over surgically enhanced tit.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (U.S. TV series)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what does the great DocDenbow think that the answer is? Well, I could say that I don’t know, but that would be being just as negative and self serving as I don’t want either me or the world to be. There is of course no definitive answer. None whatsoever, but what I do know is that whatever it is that we are doing we are simply doing it all wrong. What I do know is the answer isn’t to jump on bandwagons of blind prejudice and hatred blaming all of the ills on someone else. Take UKIP for example, Farage and his chinless cronies actually believe in the crass idea that “they’re coming over here taking our jobs….” Yes they may be coming over here taking our jobs, but a lot of them are being taken because the bone idle population of the UK can’t lift their arses off the settee to actually go to work. That may well get in their way of taking their toothless selves onto The Jeremy Kyle Show to get their sundry drug and alcohol habits via the Christ like figure that is Graham.

I’ll tell what at least part of the answer is. We should have fun, all of us. We should enjoy ourselves and do our damndest to get others to have fun, to join us. We should be open, honest and truthful. We should accept ourselves and others for what they are and not judge people just because they are a bit different. You know, have a different view on how they want to live their lives. Of course those freedoms to live as we please should be taken with caution as we don’t live in an ideal world – far from it.

However, we’re far from doomed yet. Just as feckless self serving, narrow minded and dogmatic people may be, they can be encouraged to change. They can be invited to the party, they can be showed that they can be happy and fulfilled. Some of us need to see the road signs that can lead us along the way. I’m not talking religion here, I’m talking humanism, acceptance of other and being accepted in turn.

Perhaps everyone should do as I did which was get *clicky*> naked for a day <*clicky* even though I’ve been derided and condemned roundly for doing so.

Ciao For Now,





  1. He’s back! Great post man. Let the muse loose.

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