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In the main I despise the human race. I don’t like crowds, I’m not a big fan of socializing and people simply get on my bloody nerves. Mind you, I probably get on everybody else’s nerves so I suppose that just about evens things out. However I want to be a writer, or to put it another way I have delusions that I am a writer, so my misanthropy does tend to get in the way a bit. If you have little or no love of people in general it’s difficult to write interaction or even imagine social situations in which you don’t take part. Tricky, eh? For that reason, I think, everything I’ve written that I think is halfway decent, is written in the first person. Most of the time I haven’t a clue what people are thinking so when I try to write fiction that naïveté comes through.

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To get all introspective and self analytical I think I’ve sort of worked out why I am as I am. I think it’s just that I expect too much of people. I expect them to be open, candid and share things – you know thoughts ideas and stuff. Share who they really are and not who they want you to think they are. In the last ten years I’ve only met a few people who struck me as open and honest, who were prepared to share their ideas and experiences and selves. It’s weird that sections of society that society thinks are weird are really less weird than those who think they’re weird in the first place. (Huh, you get what I mean?)

I can sense now that you are frowning and scratching your collective heads whilst you think,
“What the bloody hell is the matter with Denbow now?”
You may be wondering whether Denbow is a manically depressed wizened old sod who really should start drinking again in a last ditch attempt to preserve his sanity. You’re quite entitled to wonder whether Denbow is a manically depressed wizened old sod. However, Denbow is not a manically depressed wizened old sod.

And to quote Prince Hamlet – “Aye there’s the rub.”

You see, in principle I like the idea of a busy social life where I’m surrounded by friends. Yeah right, that’s the principle, but most people are wankers and my idea of this busy social life is more than a little like a view of an ideal world. You dream of one, but you know it just ain’t going to happen. Ever. My ideal social life will never happen either because I know of no one who shares my interests and as I’ve alluded to I’ve given up the demon drink so a visit to a hostelry holds absolutely no attraction. None at all.The tragedy of my social life is that it used revolve around “getting a few down me.” As someone with epilepsy I’ve realized far too late in life that this was never a good plan and given the fact that after 5 years of cutting down I have stopped altogether means that my tenuous grip on the last lifeline of a social life has gone. It’s slipped away, probably for good.

Does it bother me, you know this almost total lack of social interaction? Does it? Should it bother me?Would it bother you? Think about it for  moment, man is supposed to be a social animal, living in packs and having a collective strength. Without social interaction are you stronger, tougher and more able to cope with adversity. On the other hand are you weaker, more vulnerable and isolated craving company? I think that the answer lies in between the two. On one hand being in a group just for the sake of it is futile and totally meaningless, but on the other hand being alone is only a good thing if it by choice.

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  1. Doc you are at it again,perhaps going deeper than is necessary. Although some of your thoughts do ring a bell in my brain even FB I find too “social” and reading of others “social happenings” does make me think “Is it me”. Anyroadup whatever keep writing I love hearing the bell ring in my brain.
    Another well written thought provoking piece.

  2. thanks Doc, you raise the whole question of sociability, especially in these PC times. Can we even say what we mean, or must we self-censor our thoughts before committing to paper or the FB sphere. I’m not puritan enough to completely give up my bad habits of a lifetime, I just try everything in moderation. Keep writing mate.

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