Posted by: docdenbow | January 18, 2015

Do I Carry On Or Just Watch TV?

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My Twitter friend @TraCeyLambo has recently suggested that she may call time on her wonderful little blog, . I think that people like us (and @bilstonjay) often feel like wrapping the whole thing up and packing it away. For myself I started writing my blog four years ago and have written quite a lot in that time on all manner of subjects. Some posts have been good whilst others have been not so good. I’ve been happy that people, no matter how few, have actually read what I’ve written. I have had some posts read by loads of people and others barely read at all. One post in particular picked up over 2,500 hits much to my surprise as the intention was not to grab readers by writing something controversial, but to merely express my thoughts and beliefs.Anyway like @TraCeyLambo I’m wondering why I’m spending my time writing a blog and I’m beginning to resent the time that I spend thinking of subjects to write about.

I always have a few half baked ideas, but after some unpleasantries in 2014 I am wary of writing too much about myself – certainly not in the way I have in the past. That’s the thing, I really won’t write about myself anymore and give fuel to the nasty bastard who insisted on repeatedly posting vile stuff on the comments section for me to read. So saying that anything I’ve already written stays there as those posts have already been used as the source for abuse.

I’m actually writing a very long post post at the moment – not this one – about stuff that happened to me in 1984 with a few comments on what was happening in the great wide world that year. That’s a bit different for me as I’m trying to relate a true story, a snapshot in time if you like. I’m not going to go on about it and give the details away but hope that when it’s published that you read it and enjoy it.

Moving on, any of you saddos out there been watching Celebrity Big Brother? You have? Oh dear, whatever can you be thinking? Are your lives so empty that you have to see the Sawalha woman showing some alarming tendencies and Katie Hopkins (@kthopkins) being a bit bored?  What about that Perez Hilton creature? The man is so intelligent that he commented that Michael Jackson’s death was nothing more than a publicity stunt? Yawn! I mean, I haven’t seen any of this turgid #CBB2015 that passes for entertainment. I’m not so friendless that I can only only feel kinship via some carefully edited tripe with a voice over by a male version of @CherylKerl Now that O’Neal fellow has quit. I would say that he’s a great singer for a basketball player if I’d ever seen the programme which I haven’t – so there.

Braun HF 1 television receiver, Germany, 1958

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One thing that I’ve noticed recently is how little “live” that I actually watch. I always try to avoid watching stuff as it is broadcast. One of the main reason is because of the adverts. The Americans are obviously happy with a 40 minute show being padded out to 60 minutes by the not so delicate insertion of a succession of commercials aiming to sell us not only stuff we don’t want or need but also trailing more sh*tty programmes that are also full of adverts. The joy of the Sky+ and TiVo boxes is that you can whizz through the adverts at 32 times the speed and watch what you want to watch and not some airbrushed psycho bitch from hell telling you Nivea has made her look younger than her daughter.I manage to crash my way through all of this generic TV slop in well under 40 minutes as each programme usually consists of a five minute recap of what happened last week and at the end there’s a bolt on of what’s going to happen next week. These previews are there to get you to watch the next episode and get you salivating and all aroused, but I’ve come to realize that these trailers show the only decent bits (usually explosions) and a nanosecond of sex . In other words, all the good bits. I have long thought that if you watch the summary and the trailer for “next week” for each episode then you’ll see enough of the turgid crap to understand what’s going on and realize that’s it’s crap without wasting hours and hours of you miserable lonely fetid life.

That’s the problem. There’s a whole lot of pig’s vomit passed off as high class TV and in this age of a 1 second attention span and a need to appeal to the lowest common denominator this is not going to change anytime soon. Most of the TV dramas that have been acclaimed in the “Quality Press” and have won awards worth winning (as opposed to the TV Quick awards) are thinly or not so thinly disguised versions of what has been seen before. Those that that rise above the slurry are then usually beaten into a pulp of self parody with the obligatory murder, death, war, jail sentence and miscarriage of justice. For these reason I can no longer watch the cliche that is UK drama.

So watch do I watch?

As someone who has appointed himself a commentator on TV programmes across the board I watch everything as matter of duty. For pleasure as long standing readers of my  blog will know, when it comes to TV that I watch for pleasure, I am a brain dead moron. I spend many envious  hours of my dissolute wretched life watching stage managed American “Reality” TV like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Counting Cars and the mightily educational Finding Bigfoot. Yes I am stupid, but I have sufficient nous and intelligence to be aware of the fact that I am a moron. Not for me cliched dramas, I want my TV to be sunny with all white teeth, chuckles and friendly banter. A bit like Star Trek with tattoos. I’ll leave a detailed examination of these programmes for another time, but suffice to say I wish they were my buddies. So there you are, I’m a moron without taste or friends.

Yet buried within the mound of manure that is the drug of the dim I have found a real gem. A superb piece of the televisual art that touches the heart and is beautifully performed with a conviction that is rare on the stage, on film or TV. I have seen many of the world’s finest and none have performed with the depth, control and pathos. None have become the part in such a way. This beyond acting, beyond performing. The principal actor just “is.” That’s what makes him great. I have recorded this and when I am completely disillusioned about the garbage that festers within my 42” glowing panel of joy, I watch, in awe and on every occasion I forget that this a fiction laid out before me. There is a melancholy about it that is somehow uplifting, but it is and shall remain my little secret.

Anyway for now,

That’s It.



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  1. Thanks again Denbow for 5mins of light relief chattin on about stuff I know nothing about, most refreshing but a bit of a tease too

    • If I told yoo what I really meant then I’d be forced to kill you, matey!

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