Posted by: docdenbow | December 16, 2014

Duck in a Hat


When did we dumb down to a point where we need a bank to coach our children in life skills? Indeed, why should a bank become involved in areas of education at all?

Barclay’s Bank have, for a while, been “helping” people master the internet; advertising on TV, firstly targeting older members of society, teaching them that internet communication is easy, at least, once they are shown how. So, why would a major bank like Barclay’s be bothered if Grandma can use Skype?

Maybe Barclay’s are just nice people who really do care?

Maybe Barclay’s think by helping the older person, they may gain new business from the older generation? Maybe they would now understand on-line banking and not queue for an hour in some branch, just to get an account balance. Maybe if that was to happen, maybe they would need less staff?

Now, Barclay’s are advertising to help young people…

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