Posted by: docdenbow | November 14, 2014

Artists, Intellectuals & Philosophers.

Cryptoclidus model which was used in the Chann...

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Did you see that thing on t’internet the other day about the Loch Ness Monster? A “clear” photograph to prove *yawn* the existence of a massive dinosaur that lives in an enclosed fresh water lake. Conclusive I would (not) call it, but it did fill up some space on that seemingly endless resource that is the world wide web. Space, real space, is infinite. In fact space is so infinite that you’ll never get to the end of it, no matter how much petrol you put in your space car, or should that be ship? The internet is nearly the same, infinite with new stuff being added all of the time and most of it is of little or value as it’s disposable like yesterday’s newspaper.

Remember those?


Newspapers are fast becoming relics of a bygone age. We don’t need no education as everything we need to know is drip fed to us via continual news channels on TV that show us the horrors of the world. We watch South African miners slaughtered from our sofas (settees or couches) whilst we drink tea and munch sausage sandwiches. All our opinions are neatly packaged and drip fed to us to keep us all in check. We are just rich enough not to starve, just enough opportunities to make us aspirational and we lap it all up believing any old crap that is served up to us.

It should be some kind of heaven, like Kryten’s silicon heaven if you like. However, it isn’t as you could argue that it’s silicon hell. Clever people (or aliens) have presented the masses with technology that controls their car’s performance, regulates the temperature of their homes and help them warm up their food. It gives access to knowledge, facts and fiction, truth and lies and gives us all freedom of speech and expression. Great isn’t it, a vision of the future right here and right now.

Err, no. That’s not right. That’s not right at all. We have all of this and we abuse it. We buy iPads and all we do with them is use Facebook and post pictures of what we’re having for tea. We use Twitter to “chat” to strangers who would, I suspect, want nothing to do with you in real life. We watch YouTube videos and share our crap musical taste. We seek out pictures of kittens to share. We play games on our Xboxes wasting hour upon hour as we swig on Stella and smoke our joints rotting what’s left of our brains.

Yet for all of that there are people in the general who do use the internet in a positive and useful manner. These people are the upper echelon of the information super highway. They’re in the fast lane in their sports cars, top down, shades on, wind in their hair and the envy of all. These are the intelligentsia who own the world. The artists, the intellectuals and philosophers. Those with a story to share and  who possess insight into the human condition.

I am of course speaking of bloggers………………………

Ciao for Now,


P.S. It’s good to have a little ol’ ramble once again.




  1. You need to bring your sports car to work Denbow and not just your Horatio Caine sunglasses, otherwise I may start to disbelieve your ‘I am a blogger’ vibe that you carry off so well…

  2. Even worse is those who only buy the daily mail and believe every word as gospel! Although that only counts as a paper, not a ‘news’paper in my book.

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