Posted by: docdenbow | October 13, 2014

Is My Name Denbow?

English: iPad 2 with Smart Cover running iMovie.

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In my peripheral vision as I scour the news on the web I keep seeing references to nudie photographs that have been leaked. These photographs are of celebrities with whom I am completely and utterly unfamiliar. Yes, it is intrusive for someone to publish photographs of new naked on the internet or anywhere else without your permission and approval. However, storing nudie pictures on a cloud based server is stupid and idiotic to the extreme.

If there were any pictures of me naked that I wanted to keep private then there are a few places that I would certainly not store them. There are a few places that I would store them but it seems that the rich and famous are too stupid to secure their personal files. If these hackers can grab a few pictures of breasts and bums from iCloud, I wonder what else they could get.

In this digital age most of us take a plethora of meaningless snapshots and clutter up cyberspace in order to preserve “memories.” Instagram, Snapchat (dunno what that is BTW), Facebook and Twitter get filled to the rafters with examples of complete and utter pointless examples of the art of bad photography. Facebook is far and away the worst for pointless JPegs (geek speak) How many times have you seen something like “Vacuous  Airhead added  3,000 photos 1 hour ago?”

I would mind so much if the said photos were even remotely interesting. You know, something like landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes even.  What do we get? Endless “nom nom” lunch photos, their kids and weddings. Just like celebs not securing their naked selfies, parents across the world post pictures of their children to Facebook for the entire world to find. To make it even worse they say where they are making it easier for :-

  • A thief to empty their home of valuables.
  • Someone to know exactly where they are.

It’s the weddings I hate the most. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good wedding photograph when I actually know the people getting married. Yet when the wedding photos are of someone I have never met, never likely to and frankly don’t want to judging by the pictures I have to draw the line. Moreover what compounds the whole sorry state of affairs is when the individual who has posted them is someone I accepted a friend request from because I met them once in 2011. I mean, call me a miserable git if you like but why on earth do people think that I’m interested?

I’m just as bad. I bung pointless snapshots on Instagram. These are mainly of our dog Daisy (aka The Duke), the new decking and photographic evidence of my ability to pick up a glasses case with my almost prehensile toes. I tend to stick my pictures just on Instagram so that I can see them and if anyone is remotely interested in my photographic diary they’re welcome to have a look as it is entirely up to them. There are a few people that I follow on Instagram and I like looking at their photos as they’re not foisted on me everytime I look at some corner of the world of social networking. That’s the way it should be.

That is the whole problem with social networking and blogging as well if you think about it. It’s just one massive ego trip. I’m writing this thinking that I have something profound to say, I post photos to Instagram and Facebook to illustrate how much better my life is than yours and I post to Twitter to prove I am quick witted. Yet, in real life I’m not that. I don’t have a big ego. I don’t say profound things and my life is no better than yours.

Social networking?

It’s little more than a veil with which to mask your true self and your true identity and to live out paranoid fantasies.

And is my name Denbow?

Am I a Doctor?

What do you think?

Ciao For now,

Denbow xxx

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  1. Thanks DenBow, really good and to the point this one.
    btw: Snapchat are not storing images at all, that is the point of the site. The 90,000 images recently hacked were all ‘saved’ using a third party software, deliberately against the site’s Terms of Use. If under age teens wish to redefine pornography with a ‘you show me yours & I’ll show you mine’ for 15 seconds before deletion, they should not become the next generation of perverts by attempting to store the images!! Best wishes, Baz

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