Posted by: docdenbow | September 22, 2014

Who Are The Conspirators?

I’m scared. In fact I’m more than scared, I’m bloody terrified. I’m terrified that my one little hobby is buggered up my my own inability. The drive and desire has, for the moment I hope, gone. I write about 350 words, read back what I’ve written and either delete half an hours worth of work or leave it to rot in a folder on my laptop. I shouldn’t be scared, I should just wait and not worry and when I have something to say then power up the laptop and get stuck in.

That’s what I should do.

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Naturally I won’t, I’ll just carry on writing and try to work my way through this bad patch and hopefully write something vaguely worthwhile, about people you know? I’ve been thinking about people. People in general I mean – the way people in general or at least some people in general react to some stuff, generally. (You can tell I didn’t do any English exams at school can’t you?) I think it’s a trait that must affect a good number of people especially those with access to the internet, television and radio. It’s my view these people have nothing better to do than sit in front of their laptops staring at endless loops of the planes hitting WTC 1 and WTC 2, the Zapruder film and anything they can get their sweaty little paws on about the Apollo moon landings.

That’s for starters.

We can then think of the UFO-logists, the USO-logists, the Crypozoologists, Ancient Alien theorists and fans or rather disciples of David Icke. Oh yes there’s the armchair criminologists, the amateur detectives who pore old tatty documents to prove or disprove something from the past – usually something that no one really cares too much about.  It’s not as if they’re searching for the *Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything* (it’s 42 by the way) is it?  So why do they do it?

There are probably lots and lots of theories why there are so many people out there who are Conspiracy Theorists usually emanating from American Professors with so many qualifications and letters after their names that they believe that every word they individually utter is fact and every hypothesis that isn’t in line with theirs is truly utter bollocks. Do I have a theory about why there are Conspiracy Theorists? Aside from the fact that there are many sad deluded wankers out there who believe any old scientific horseshit spouted by an “expert” (usually a former something or other who’s probably been busted from previously gainful employment) that they see on YouTube –  no not really. Nothing that I would call earth shatteringly definitive anyway. In fact my thoughts are just as bonkers mad as some of the conspiracy theorists’ ideas on assorted and sundry stuff.

English: Two members of the Apollo 11 lunar la...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My thoughts and beliefs are based on evidence just as spurious as the evidence used by Conspiracy Theorists. I refuse to test the veracity of my evidence and I will not permit it to be analyzed empirically. If I allowed that to happen then my evidence would be twisted and manipulated by the Conspiracy Theorists which would then be a Conspiracy against me. Then a whole new sub genre of Conspiracy Theorists would appear on the scene to investigate the “cover up” and discrediting of me proving that the Conspiracy Theorists are to be considered nothing more than a sad bunch of burger chomping losers with terminally bad skin and/or a drink problem (and certainly no girlfriend) There’s a book “Voodoo Histories: The Role of Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History,” by David Aaronovitch that I really should read if I’m going to keep going on writing this type of debunksional bollocks. However, I saw him on the TV the other day so that’s pretty close and I do have a copy on order from that t’internet. That makes me an expert as to why Conspiracy Theories are bollocks.

They are bollocks –  each and every one of them. The “theories” work and enthrall Conspiracy Theorists for exactly the same reason we *normal* people watched “The Evil Dead,” “The Exorcist” and “Nightmare On Elm St.” It’s the same reason that people ride roller coasters, bungee jump, skydive and even ride the waves surfing. It’s for the buzz, the fear. For the Conspiracy Theorists it’s the buzz of finding and indeed believing that shady powers have been playing sleight of hand tricks on the population and exposing these shady powers for what they are.

But, and it’s a big but, if one of these Conspiracy Theories turned out to be true, and some dork with a baseball cap was about to reveal all that he know my bet is he would end up slightly dead. They know this, it scares them but it’s a dear that would make them feel more alive than they’ve ever felt.

If Conspiracy Theories didn’t exist then we’d have to invent them would we?

Ciao For Now




  1. Like the new look! As for conspiracy theories, they always feel like they’re up to something 😁

    (I’m here all week)

    • the new look was an accident that I have had to live with……. there is a new music blog coming soon @

  2. “for the moment I hope”, ?? not sure what you mean by that Doc, but another well written and thought provoking piece, and some nice words that I haven’t bothered to google just yet!!

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