Posted by: docdenbow | August 10, 2014

Everybody Needs A Little Place They Can Hide

Do you drink, alcohol I mean? I suppose most people that read probably do. Have you checked as to what the safe levels are for alcohol consumption or do you just whack the stuff away with little or no thought of the consequences? In the past that was me, I drank 5 or six pints of beer 5 or 6 times a week. I’m not going to even wander down the units of alcohol bit but you’d have to be a moron not to realize that is way too much. Of course there may be someone you know or it may even be you before you’ve started drink who is thinking “5 or 6 pints? What a wuss!” I really don’t care what you say or think, it is way too much.

An imperial pint of beer.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days, although I say I don’t drink I have to confess that I do. I have 2 or 3 pints once a week in my local pub when I have a crack at the pub quiz. To be honest even if I didn’t drink the beer or lager it wouldn’t make a huge difference to me as I don’t go there for the beer, I go there to do the quiz and see my friends. From time to time I may have a single bottle of something in the house, beer, lager or pear cider but that is rare. Yes I like a drop of beer, but it’s not the be all and end all of my life anymore. My life seemed to be centred around beer and the pub and that is so so sad.
A lot of people, if not everyone has some kind of emotional crutch that they lean on with varying degrees of dependence. It can be a hobby, a pastime, an interest, a narcotic or hiding in a bottle.

“Everybody needs a little place they can hide
Somewhere to call their own
Don’t let no one inside”


We all like to think that we are free spirited individuals and that we have our lives sorted out to provide us with maximum happiness. We all like to think that, but we can be wrong. After I stopped drinking (out of necessity ~ epilepsy) I threw myself headlong into writing this blog. As I mentioned in my last post the urge to write anything, and I mean anything, was almost out of control. I would become fixated on writing and writing about anything and that became my little place to hide.

However, because of the very introspective nature of what I was writing my little hiding place was turning into a prison from which I was finding it hard to break free. In loads of posts I’d told of ambitions and spoke of what I was going to do and did precisely none of them. Think about that for a minute. You make plans to do something just for yourself that may be fun and you don’t do it. All you do is make plans for the next adventure that deep down you know will never happen because you know exactly the sort of person that you are. That aspect of my personality was making me very sad about myself, especially a I’d announced on this blog that I was going to visit a naturist club for the day. That’s quite a step, a bit more than writing my “novel” or recording myself playing guitar.

Having told a few people of my intention I began to think that this was not a good idea. You know to go and take all of my clothes off and meet people, talk to people similarly attired. Jump into a swimming pool naked, with other naked people. 99% of people wouldn’t do it, 99% of people wouldn’t try it, 99% would think I was mental and think it was just something I was talking about and once again I’d come up with some half assed excuse for not going

I thought about this a lot. I’d always been the sort of braggart who would always be the “I can do that” without actually doing that. So, I was interested to see a naturist club, see how I felt, see what the people were like so I decided that this was the plan and promise to myself that I was going to keep. So I did and I went. There’s an account of my day here on this blog if you’re interested in reading it. The link is at the bottom of the page.

The experience has changed me. I feel a different kind of person. I really do. Now I know that’s sounds utter utter bollocks but it’s true. It’s lifted some weight that I feel I was carrying around on my back and just being there made me feel great. I haven’t turned into a full on naturist but should the opportunity present itself to repeat the experience then I will. I may even make that opportunity happen.

Who Knows?


This little post was inspired by this song by Cinderella. It’s called “Shelter Me.”



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