Posted by: docdenbow | July 6, 2014

Just Some Notes From An Unpublished Post

“I began to write this some time ago, just after the odious behaviour of Jimmy Savile came to light. In the time since then other high profile personalities have been convicted of similar offences and there may be more to follow given the recent stories over a missing dossier alleging a Westminster paedophile ring a few years ago.

Anyway these are just my rough notes, make of them what you will…………………”

Thatcher and Savile time machine...

. (Photo credit: 11thEarlOfMar)

“Some people get to a position of power or a position where they are idolised. The general public hang on to their public image that is managed and massaged by PR executives and those who make money on their backs. These influential or popular believe themselves to be special and that the rules don’t apply to them. The world is designed and built for their narcissistic enjoyment, nothing is off limits and every sordid desire is satisfied.

The narcissist can tell right from wrong but through his inability to empathise, he does not fully experience the outcomes of his deeds. For him his victims are dispensable, rechargeable, reusable. They are there to fulfil a function: to supply him with adoration, admiration, approval and to sate their sordid lusts.

Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) is practically synonymous with criminal behaviour. The main characteristic of it is a complete and utter disregard for the rights of others and the rules of society. These people seldom show anxiety and don’t feel guilt. There’s really no effective treatment for them other than locking them up in a secure facility with such rigid rules that they cannot talk their way out.

1. Failure to conform to social norms;

2. Deceitfulness, manipulativeness;

3. Impulsivity, failure to plan ahead;

4. Irritability, aggressiveness;

5. Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others;

6. Consistent irresponsibility;

7. Lack of remorse after having hurt, mistreated  another person

So the Savile report is out. The BBC, the press and the TV are full of stories of the depravity of this weird character who seemed to all intents and purposes have a king sized grade-A mother fixation. That well known (conspiracy) theorist David Icke has speculated that Savile as well as being a sexual predator was also a Satanist. The Express even went as far as printing the testimony of a victim. Icke’s further claims are even more outrageous and he claims that he has received the information by “talking to people.” If he is aware of who (if any) Savile’s co conspirators in this vile predatory abuse were then he must seek to tell Yewtree and the world now and not make veiled assertions to potentially sell tickets and books.

Mind you I don’t see him doing anything of the kind anytime soon as he refers on his website to Yewtree thus –

“This is why Operation Yewtree, the mock ‘investigation’ into Savile’s crimes and connections, is such an obvious cover-up and damage limitation exercise.”

He goes on to say –

“I could explain to the mainstream media the whole background to this, ancient and modern, but they are too close-minded, too controlled and too programmed with a perception of me to be interested.”

Which to me seems like a good explanation of why if we don’t believe him it’s our fault. However, my intention is not to write about the eccentric Mr. Icke. He has his views and I have mine, but alien lizards Mr. Icke? That’s going really out there.

So back to Savile, aside from the obvious, who and what was he? Did anyone really know him? Did he have any depth to his character? For all his alleged high IQ did he have mental health issues? Perhaps not, which makes it easier for society to brand him “a stinking perv.” That’s all well and good but in doing that are we potentially allowing people to slip through the net as personality traits would be going undetected.”

And that’s it……except for saying that we as a society must make it easier for victims to speak out. The guilty must be punished by being incarcerated as they are beyond treatment.

If that makes me sound as if I’m an extremist then so be it.




  1. I sometimes wonder where all of this will end especially this new Commons MPs paedophile cover up. I really cannot begin to understand what drives these evil people, it all makes me feel sick. The crimes and the cover up is worse than criminal. It makes me feel so blessed to have had a good old fashioned Black Country upbringing with a loving family where I was shielded from strangers and made to play in the garden not out in the street. I feel so very sorry for the victims. I have thought about ranting about it but the whole issue just leaves me feeling sick as fuck. Rolf Harris was the worst one. He seemed like a good guy. It makes you wonder who the hell you can actually trust.

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