Posted by: docdenbow | June 22, 2014

Flip Flop Crocs And Stripy Feet

English: Dangerous sunbathing.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally in the summer I hide away indoors and keep away from the sunshine. Quite why I can’t remember anymore because in years gone I was out there on the beach and in the sea or even working in the garden taking advantage of sunny hot days. I do burn easily and once had prickly heat (think that’s what it was) and since then I don’t seem to have bothered. Getting anything approaching a tan was always a by product of being outdoors in summer if you know what I mean. I’ve never lolled around in the sun trying to change colour, which has struck me as odd. The one thing I don’t like about my body is its colour. My skin is so white that I appear to have been dipped in brilliant white emulsion and to be honest I don’t like it. It’s that I guess that makes me feel bad about my body so whilst I can I’m exposing bits of me to the sun so the rays have help to alleviate that problem.

Of course my biggest worry about sunning myself is sunburn. I’ve never had the need for any sun protection products, or haven’t had for years, so I suppose that if my white body is going to take advantage of being exposed to the sun then some skin care will be necessary. From past experience I know I can burn like bread left under the grill for too long and I really wish to avoid that unpleasant and painful result.

Croc Flip-Flops

(Photo credit: Tobyotter)

I’m not that concerned to be fair as here in the UK the opportunities to get anything approaching a suntan would be limited to a tanning salon or fake tan from Boots. Of course there those folks who take a foreign holiday every year and the end up brown as berries and this seems to last year round. Of course having fair hair and blue eyes I suppose I’m never going to have those Latin skin tones but if I got myself outside on nice days, well who knows? In terms of tanning, my feet are doing rather quite well thank you very much. Due to the fact I have been wearing Croc flip flops almost constantly for the past couple of weeks I am in the process of developing rather fetching stripey feet. In fact to my way of thinking it adds a certain something to an otherwise under appreciated pair of appendages, so much so it makes me (almost) sad that it’s hardly *de rigueur* for a chap to paint his toenails as that may complete the look in the foot department; especially if a tattoo was added at a later date.

Daily 'hate' Mail parody 02

(Photo credit: Byzantine_K)

When it comes to the UK it goes to show what a crap climate we have that because of a few really hot days 21C and higher (pushing 25 in places) the newspapers are full of stories about how hot it is. Picture after picture of people sitting on assorted beaches and in parks looking way too hot. My “favourite” newspaper The Daily Mail even decided it was appropriate to picture 3 16 year old students posing in bikinis. I’m far from prudish but I do feel that the “journalist” and photographer on the spot was rather taking advantage of their naivety by getting these kids to pose. Nothing illegal of course, but as a parent I would be happy to see a picture of my 16 year old daughter in a bikini in the Daily Mail; or is it just me who thinks like that? Answers on a postcard to that one.

That’s the thing with this weather, the press use it to turn their attentions away from the famous and the politicians and they turn their intrusive paparazzi lenses on us. People like you and me on the beach will be photographed discreetly (or not) and added to their stories of sunshine. I must say if a journo and his photographer asked me if I minded they took a picture of me then I’d ask him if he would mind if I kicked him in his “gentleman parts” in return. That no doubt would keep me out of the papers but these days of everyone wanting to be on Big Brother or The Only Way Is Chav and other crap like it scores of thickos would form a (dis)orderly queue desperate for their 15 minutes of fame.

15 minutes? It wouldn’t even be that long





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