Posted by: docdenbow | June 21, 2014

A Return To “Return To Caswell Bay”

If you are one of long standing readers then you’ll know that there are a few recurring themes that raise their ugly and annoying heads fairly regularly. These themes by and large irritate me almost beyond belief so what are they doing to the peeps who read my blog? Anyway let’s get down to brass tacks….

I have expressed over and over ad nauseum how much I love writing and want to write a novel. I’ve put some rough bits and pieces here in case anyone was remotely interested in having a quick look. I’m really not sure what my motivation was for adding those scribbles here. Was I hoping to be “discovered” or was I hoping to have a deluge of blog followers tell me how great I am that I am super talented? Well, that’s never going to happen is it? I just need to be realistic and without screaming and shouting from the rooftops about each and every plan that I have and just quietly go out and do it and maybe share the experience here with you readers when it’s complete

I had a Tweet from a learned chappie who’d obviously been scrutinizing my blog and the micro chat really made me think.

Jay @bilstonjay Jun 19
@docdenbow could do with more Return to Caswell Bay. You think you’ll ever finish it?

Denbow @docdenbow Jun 19
@bilstonjay do you think what I’ve written is any good? That’s the one I feel like having a bash at…

Jay @bilstonjay Jun 19
@docdenbow its alright mate. I’m interested to see what happens.

I’ve read that little exchange a few times and I’ve realised that no one is going to be interested in reading half baked little drafts for novels and short stories that will never be written and I hidden the contents away. What I have decided is to go back to work on the *serious* side of my writing and try to write with much more discipline and organization than before. I’ll continue to blog and use my MicroBlog section to add thoughts and a few diary like comments and I’ll express myself here as I’ve always done offering my opinions on different things and issues.

English: Caswell Bay in September sunshine.

Caswell Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s occurred to me that blogging in the main is very presumptuous in that here’s me a middle aged bloke, Mr Ordinary if you like, expressing opinions on things that he knows very little about. My sheer nerve and egocentricity in writing and writing and writing believing that I’m changing the world is bothering me. What gives me the write to slag off UKIP, the Daily Mail, comment on tattoos, get maudlin over Scott Walker and so on and so on and expect people to read. I’ve written about nudism, naturism and body image issues and feel hypocritical as I have never gone as our American friend would say “butt naked,” not that it’ll give me a problem, it’s just that perhaps sharing intentions before the event….well, it smacks of searching to be a part of something to me or a desperate attempt to get attention. Conversely am I looking for a cure all to life’s ills?

Whatever, I wont bore anyone who reads my blog with “I’m going to do this” stories anymore, but I hope that I’ll be able to write about things that I have done or do know about or express my opinions in a cooler more logical way.

Finally, for the last time I will promise something, say I’m going to do something and I’ll deliver.

I am going to finish writing my novel (working title “Return To Caswell Bay”) It may take a while to get back into the swing of things, but there I’ve said it now. So back to Microsoft Word and leave me to crack on.


P.S. There is one other thing and hopefully I’ll be able to  share that experience very soon. ;0)




  1. Keep blogging, keep writing, micro-blogging, tweeting. Keep reading, keep looking around and carry a note book in your pocket to jot down anything and everything. Set aside half an hour every day and you’ll surprise yourself how quickly you can write a first draft novel. Stop worrying about what you’ve said and written on your blog, your blog is just a record of a moment in time. An emotion, a topic and some words. if its older than an hour or two (like a tweet) no one cares. If they do they are idiots, context is everything. And remember that people only ever judge by their own standards and what they say as criticism says just as much about them as it does you. Publish and be damned. Todays words are tomorrows chip wrappers, at least they were when I were a kid. have fun making chip wrappers fella. 🙂

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