Posted by: docdenbow | June 17, 2014

Are You Going to Listen To Me? Do I Listen To You?

What is that makes someone’s assertions correct and accepted and other peoples assertions seen to be rantings or just basically incorrect. To my way of thinking it comes down to educational qualifications and status or power. I have no university education, I have had no learned tomes published, I’m not even a journalist on the TV or in a newspaper and I’m not a politician. I’m none of those things, I’m simply *me.* Does that fact that I am *me* make anything that I say less important or less worthy because I’m not seen as one of the *great or good?*

English: Margaret Thatcher, former UK PM. Fran...

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Exactly the same thing applies to you, I’m not saying for one moment that it’s just me that’s ignored when making well considered factual statements; it applies to all of us. There are people within society who shove and push their way to the front and clamber over their fellows with impunity in order to satisfy their rampaging egos and climb to slippery pole to power, wealth and influence. These are the ones who manage to shout louder than everyone else or scold us like a school ma’m (Margaret Thatcher) as they know best.


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Should we, those without a voice care? Is there any point caring with our votes at the ballot box because we as individuals, single individuals, have no influence? Does it matter if I vote or does it matter if I disagree with all of the parties that I could offer my vote? Probably not as where I live a pantomime horse could get the seat as long as he/she stood as a Labour candidate. Even Tony Blair would get in such is the one sided nature of the constituency, so unless I vote Labour to increase the majority of the MP who in the past was mired in an expenses contretemps, I’m wasting my time.

Russell Brand was invited to be guest editor on the New Statesman on the grounds, I assume, that he has been the paramour of countless women and tells funny stories on the stage. His editorial had cool pseudo intellectual words like *paradigm* scattered around with the abundance and proliferation of his own seed that he has scattered to the four winds. He even got interviewed by Jeremy Paxman where he spouted even more rubbish and suddenly he’s seen as some kind of political philosopher. His political views accepted with the same veracity as UKIP’s archetypal *bloke in the pub* or a London cabby and were just as pointless and impotent. As the New Statesman invited Mr Brand, so why not invite Jim “Nick Nick” Davidson or “Whispering” Bob Harris? I’m sure that their views are as valid as those of Mr Brand as we do live in an (alleged) democracy.

Russell Brand Arthur Premier

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Even though I’m never going to be invited I’m not sure that I would want to be the Guest Editor of the New Statesmen. As soon as it was known that I was guest editor then both the New Statesman, there would be *hilarious* reports in the press that an unknown bloke who has a little blog was deciding on the content in a respected journal. Me, I’d be left as a laughing stock to crawl back underneath my stone, humiliated after his few minutes in the spotlight.

In conclusion, is it really worth bemoaning that my assertions and *truths* are roundly ignored? I would offer that it’s not, as that leads to frustration and ultimately discontent and unhappiness. I would love to be respected for my intellect and insights and views on the world. I would like to be engaged in meaningful discussion and invited to listen to and even take part in debates. There’s a lot of things that I’d like that I don’t have and ultimately can’t have. Until very recently I found that very difficult to accept, but not anymore. I’ve accepted who I am and where I am and want to enjoy being “in the now” and most certainly not look back wishing that I’d done something but had insufficient fortitude or drive to do.

I know what I want to do, all I have to do now is actually DO IT!




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