Posted by: docdenbow | May 25, 2014

Now With Added Stories – Sketches For My Sweetheart

In the three years that I have been writing this blog I must have written some 300,000 words or more. Considering that I’m very much a part time blogger then I think that figure is pretty good. This 300,000 words doesn’t include my half assed attempt at writing fiction which amounts to however much it amounts to. I’ve decided to collect it all together a bung it all on this blog so that anyone who wishes can have a look and read if they so desire.

Some of the things are basically outlines and drafts full of missing words (like HIGNFY) and typos and some are closer to the finished article. The reason I’ve put them here is nothing more than sheer vanity. I have a small readership and that readership seems to be loyal coming back time and again to see something new that I have written and I thought with my self inflated sense of importance than folks would be interested in looking at some of my half assed attempts at fiction. Some of the stories repeat  themselves as ideas have been reworked. Some are little tales in themselves, but mostly these pieces of writing are nothing more than ideas fermenting in my cluttered and disorganized brain.

Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

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I’m far from sure if I’m Adrian Mole with his “Lo! The Flat Hills Of My Homeland” or someone with genuine potential. If the latter, I need to get a move on otherwise I’ll be six feet under before I get anything finished and if I do snuff it all of these bits and pieces will be my “Sketches For My Sweetheart, The Drunk.” (A Jeff Buckley reference there…) In the grand scheme of things I feel I’m pretty insignificant and by sticking everything I’ve ever written here I’ll be staking my claim for digital immortality. It may also encourage me to write more of my fiction projects as I’ll see the things that have been written each time I look at this little blog. I need something to give me the kick up the arse I need to sort through the drivel, find bits and pieces that hopefully are good and then get my head down to do some serious writing.

The posts that you read here are usually written in under an hour and if you’ve ever read any of them before today then you’ll see that it shows. I’m not bad a spewing out a stream of consciousness on this blog, but I do find trying to write something fictional infinitely more difficult as the characters need to be consistent, clichés need to be avoided and all that jazz. Going somewhere with a tale, writing descriptively I find challenging as I’m not sure whether I write with too much detail on occasions. The one thing I won’t write about is sex. I would feel very uncomfortable writing about that. It’s weird but most of the time in a book I think writing about the sex act is just a waste of the writer’s time and talent.  Is a description of labia licking or clitoris stimulation contributing anything to the narrative? No, not in my opinion.

Hopefully one day I’ll grab one of the ideas I’ve added here and actually write it through to the end. Finish it and then who knows? I may then be able to get my head around writing something brand new new that will strike a chord.

Anyway I’ll end this post here and you’ll see the menus on the right and that’s where you will find my attempts at writing fiction. I hope you have a read and I hope you enjoy.

Ciao For Now Bookworms



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  1. Keep writing mate. And I’ll keep reading.

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