Posted by: docdenbow | May 13, 2014

Body Art Or Bad Language?

I was watching the Kerrang! Channel on the TV the other day, and I mean day, and it was a feature hour or two showing bands like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and more. I quite like this American style pop punk and was quite enjoying the videos. The came the momentous moment, a band with whom I am mightily impressed had one after another video shown and I was well pleased. Then to finish off the segment Kerrang! Proceeded to play my favourite song……by……Falling In Reverse

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that “Bad Girls Club” is one annoyingly catchy tune, or you may hate it, but that’s not the point. What is the point? I’ll try to explain…

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

The lyrics to this song tend to get heavily censored when shown on MTV (during daylight hours?) because, I presume, the viewing public may be offended or corrupted. The version above features the uncensored lyrics and blink (182) and the “offensive” bit is easy to miss. In point of fact by removing the sweary bit I think that it’s more like that little Johnny or Jenny are going to jump onto YouTube to find out just what Ronnie Radke says near the start. So it’s a bit of a moot point whether MTV/Kerrang! are doing the right thing by leaving out the “offensive” lyric.

Parents who watch Falling In Reverse and similar bands may more concerned about the tattoos and body art than about the lyrical content. As an old git, I believe that if someone wants to have a tattoo or tattoos then that’s their choice. However, a tattoo is not exactly an earring or a haircut or style of clothing it’s permanent, for life, for ever! There’s no going back and no effective way of removing them. If I had young kids I’d be less concerned about them saying “f*ck” then I would be about them coming home with an armful of tattoos, but that’s me – my opinion.

I do believe in choice, I do believe in individuality and freewill, but I also believe that a decision as binding as having a tattoo should not be taken lightly. I’ve seen some beautiful and tasteful tattoos and I have seen some right doozies. My feeling is that some people just don’t seem to know where and when to stop and the body art becomes a jumble of graffiti that far from enhancing the human form merely defaces if. To my way of thinking that’s the problem. In 2014 the fashion is tattoos and what looks good in your 20s may look less than good in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Your body won’t stay taught and blemish free forever, it’ll end up being a bit saggy with the passing of time and your work of art will end up looking like a cheap cartoon.

Just imagine if you’d have had an Ian Watkins (paedo) or a Lost Prophets tattoo, you’d look a bit sick these days.

So think before you ink……………………

Ciao For Now



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