Posted by: docdenbow | May 6, 2014

Hiding Behind a Veneer Of Respectability

After I finished writing my blog post last night I took a little dip into the world of Twitter and saw quite a few disgusting racist and inflammatory posts from one or two particular accounts and I a press of the “block and report” button and these vile trolls disappeared into the abyss. That done I decided to look at the people I was following and decided to follow some more. Having written here about body image and the fact I have no problem with nudity etc I discovered that many naturists viewed my little articles/blog posts favourably I decided to follow a few naturists on Twitter.


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I continue let me say the people I chose to follow were chosen completely at random and none of them had followed me before I followed them. Now I’m as broadminded as the next man, but each and everyone of those accounts that I followed last night are now unfollowed. If any of those people I unfollowed happen are genuine naturists, I’m sorry but having had a look at a couple of the websites of some the individuals concerned I decided that this was a judicious decision. If I want to see images of women bound and gagged in “erotic” poses or assorted young men wanking for the camera then I’d do a bit of Googling and not looking at the websites of so-called naturists who seem to be hiding their sexual activities behind a veneer of wholesome respectability. It’s disappointing really as I was wondering what these folks would have to say and now I wonder whether these accounts are just cloaks for doggers and sexual deviants.

Twitter like most social networking is at best entertaining and informative and at worst a complete and utter waste of bloody time. In the main I like it, I’ve been in contact with some really nice people who have a lot to say both sensible and funny. Like anything it’s the scumbags who spoil it with racist and seriously offensive stuff that I have no wish to read. As a result I sometimes wonder whether it’s all really worth the effort polluting my sensibilities in order to find something worthwhile. All I was trying to do was to find some individuals whose stories I could perhaps read, relate to, instead I end up with with tacky low grade porn…….

And to the true naturists out there I am truly sorry if I have offended you….I was just interested in reading about the lifestyle in the UK……..

Ciao For Now



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