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Write What You Believe

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I am going to try, for the moment, to try to stop writing preachy and then angry posts here about why I feel I am having to justify some of the statements I’ve made here on MY blog. I’m not prepared to justify my opinions about body image, nudity, nakedness, skinny dipping, swimming naked, going for a sauna disrobed and naturism in general. Why should I have to justify my opinions on what I view to be no more than a different way of life? Should I wish to go to a nude beach or a naturist club then that’s my business, my choice. If you want to do the same then the same applies to you. If you want to go, but are scared I’ll support you. Hell I may even go with you, you only live once, because you can’t criticize or understand the way people live unless you walk a mile in their bare feet.

I’ve also been accused of writing anything in order in order to keep “nudists” (said in such a manner that barely conceals contempt and ridicule) looking at my blog and generating hits and readers. Yes, it is satisfying to think that people are reading the words that I write and from time to time recommend them to others. That I cannot deny but as I said a couple of posts ago, everything I write comes from within my weird little, inhibited, suppressed and shy psyche. I can write here and share what it is that I’m thinking and feeling yet in real life I find it hard. Very hard.


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A couple of weeks ago I was using social networking to chat with a published novelist, who having looked at some of the stuff I’d written was complimentary. I said words to the effect
“What’s the point Nobody ever reads a word I write.”
Her reply made me stop and think…..she said
“Write what you like…what you believe and think. Just write and you’ll find an audience eventually”

I’m just disappointed that I’m viewed as being a hypocrite, some one who would write anything in order to get “hits” or “readers.”  What I found and find hurtful was the fact by chance I found an audience. I feel that the stuff I wrote had some value and was extremely positive. I also feel that it was well written.  I wrote what I believed, wrote what I thought and people have been reading what I have to say.

In fact the “I’m Happy In My Own Skin Post, Are You?” was written for one person. Me. That’s correct me. The me that was looking at himself in the mirror and trying appraise and accept what he’s become physically over the years. You don’t know how pleased I am at that the little post. I then wrote about how much I’d love to jump into see on a warm sunny beach bare-ass naked. It’s true, folks I would. I write  here, I write a lot and I don’t tell lies. Then I wrote about losing yourself, which I think that I’ve done.

I write for me, I write of my hopes, fears, dreams. I love to take people along for the ride. Just please don’t ridicule me. Take me seriously – that’s all I ask.

Ciao For Now,



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  1. Reblogged this on clothes free life and commented:
    All about choice and free to love clothes free if you choose not imposing on anyone

  2. As a fellow-writer and blogger, I know that I also have thoughts and opinions which aren’t exactly “main-stream”, particularly in Christian circles. I also know that my readership may be limited, but I am not trying to impress the world with my literary-talents. My most recent post, Twisting the Truth, has the potential for making more enemies than friends, but i had to write it. I have several more in the pipeline, and some of them are equally “controversial”, but they will get posted eventually.

    A significant percentage of us who have become naturists/nudists have struggled through a long journey to get where we are. My own upbringing, social-programming, and church “doctrines” took a lot of rethinking before I became comfortable in my own skin, and was able to show that skin in a social-nudity setting. That is one of the drivers behind my blog.

    You need not have to defend what you think and write. Be yourself, and those who are attracted to your writings will find them, and those who disagree with you can go their own merry way.

    Keep it up Doc!

  3. Don’t sweat the complainers. Most folks who read articles don’t comment, and the ones who criticize the most have the least to say.

    Why do they come to your blog? Why do they continue to read when the see how awful it is? Most importantly, why do they feel compelled to tell you, self-centered, hypocritical and misguided person that you are, why you’re so wrong?

    Somehow, I don’t think it’s out of the kindness of their hearts!

    No, they just don’t have anything better to do, and no one that listens to THEM. They feel better by putting others down. F**k ’em, you’re not writing for them.

    Keep writing for yourself and let the chips fall where they may. You’re entitled to your opinions are are free to express them. But remember that by putting them out there, you’re inviting the entire world to stop in and comment. You may be hoping to reach an intelligent, thoughtful audience but ya know what? It doesn’t always work out that way!

  4. Well, I find that, by far, my most popular posts have something to do with nudism. Like it or not, social media thrives on a niche market, and the niche we find ourselves in deals with nudism. That isn’t a bad thing. Writers make entire careers basing their works on niche markets. I have made it clear on my blog, time and time again, that I am a proud naturist and that my fiction is often pro-naturist. The realities of promotion means that sometimes you need to pimp yourself, i.e., write with an audience in mind, and there is nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes the best work comes out of a confluence of personal expression and marketing viability. I am happy to write FOR nudists but also realize it helps me get read. My only concern is typecasting. I am a nudist who happens to be a writer, yet don’t want to be a “nudist writer”. That is why I think it is important to let the world know that many serious authors were also nudists, including Kafka, Whitman, and Robert Heinlein, or used nude/naturist characters in their fiction, most notably Edgar Rice Burroughs. There is no shame in being compared to those writers. The only thing I find shameful is poor writing. 😉

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      My blog may be uneven, inconsistent in both it’s tone and quality but I always write the truth as I see it at the time.

      If I change my mindset on a given subject then I’ll say so

      Truth is all

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