Posted by: docdenbow | April 16, 2014

Beaten By A Dolphin

Being short of money is a curious thing. It’s relative to how much money you have, how much money you’ve had and how much money you want. It also relates to how long you’ve been short of money and whether, as an individual, there’s any hope of getting more money. Some people in the UK consider themselves poor if they have insufficient fund to buy a new iPad or the latest iPhone. Other people measure themselves on the ability to buy their annual new Range Rover. Then there are footballers who consider a new contract paying less than £20,000 a week to be an “insult.” Such is the nature of being poor. There are people in this country on minimum wage, working for no more than pride, and as a result are ineligible for state benefits. There are those with no job, no hope of getting a job and stagnating or in the worst cases turning to crime.

Welcome to the United Kingdom 2014.

Romanian Women at looms

(Photo credit: George Eastman House)

This is the country that that nice Mr Forage is telling us will be over run by migrants from the EU all coming in search of the joy of the English countryside who will be quaffing his beer and smoking his fags while they watch cricket on the village green. Err, no Mr Fromage there’s really no evidence that has happened, or perhaps more to the point, will happen.

I can hear the idiot Ukips now………….

“Look at them, all those Romanians and Poles, coming over here and taking all the food from our food banks.”


“Look at them, all those Romanians and Poles, trying to scrape together the money to go back home because it’s so rubbish over here.”

Listen Mr Forgone, you’d have more chance of garnering support from the lunatic fringe if you got off your high horse about the EU and migration and concentrated on what it really important. Families, jobs, housing, the NHS, and living standards. Maybe, just maybe that’s too difficult for even you to get your massive intellect around. Leave it to the dolphin who got more votes than you in 2010.

So Long…And Thanks For All The Fish Nige







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