Posted by: docdenbow | April 1, 2014

Writing My Blog

I’ve been digging around on my laptop, my external hard drive and even Google documents looking at the stuff I’ve written over the last few years. I had a look at forgotten blog posts and have shaken my head as to how poor some of them were and remain. There are one or two of which I’m immensely proud. About a year ago when Wolves were staring into the void that was the beckoning League 1, I wrote a succession of articles about the demise of MY team. I wrote of bad decisions, mismanagement, bad signings and ridiculous appointments. I compared what went wrong with Wolves and what Swansea City managed to do to sort out a club on the verge of losing its Football League status. A lot of people read them but few bothered to comment so my opinion is the only one I have on those apart from and @glenn_hughes In the last year we’ve seen vast improvements in the way the club is being run and things are looking up for Wolves and I’ve decided to decline from commenting further until the end of the season.

56d09-bigfoot-kissI’ve written about the stupidity of Amanda Platell and the Daily Fail. I’ve had a pop at the UKIPs who are really soft targets to be honest and I’ve liberally teased American reality TV in the shape of that fine natural programme Finding Bigfoot. Indeed I’ve allowed my obsession with all things squatch to wonder whether the big guy is on Mars as well as lurking in the woods of North America. I’ve solved the JFK assassination and showed that Apollo 20 did exist and found alien life on the Moon.

For all of that I write my blog from a blank page. I find something that is buzzing around my bonce and I go for it. As a result there’s bog all in the way of quality control here. Yes fans, this is a free form blog capturing the anarchistic principle of the Summer of ’76 liberally mixed with the Summer of ’67. No planning, no structure, no future, no income tax, no VAT. You know, just lift the lid power up the little baby and just hit it. Improvisational blogging is where it’s at. What point am I making here? Does there have to be a point? Points are for squares daddio.

However, within the brief life of this blog I have written things where I have tortured myself over every word. I’ve planned and sketched and continually rewritten in order to hone the piece to as close to perfection as a chubby little ugly 55 year old possibly can. Much of this remains unblogged except in very rough form. There one little story, probably way too short to be called a short story, which I am really pleased with. I think it’s good but I’m not sure whether it’s the sort of coffee break fiction you’d read in something like Woman’s Own or something more worthy. I’m probably not the best one to judge this as I wrote it, but if Woman’s Own want to add me to their team of writer’s call me as I’m usually free.

I’ll get to the point shall I? Ok, it goes something like this. Well no it doesn’t it goes exactly like this. No no no! This is the point! But you said “points are for squares daddio.” Huh, who the hell just butted into my blog? Whoever you are just go away and get your own blog, right? Where was I? Well, this is what I wanted to say. Whilst I think that I know that I can write some reasonably amusing stream of consciousness trivia, I’m not sure whether I can write if I think about it. I don’t think I am capable of anything more than I do on this – me blog – although I will keep on trying until I find something to write about that fills me with what, if I want to be a poseur, fills me with a passion to drive on. I think when writing anything BIG I’ll always fail as I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Now what was I writing about?

Ciao For Now


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