Posted by: docdenbow | March 28, 2014

Writing For The Guardian, Moi?

I really should be writing for The Guardian. I’ve said it, ok? Last night (Tues 25/03) I began writing a piece about execrable Michael McIntyre chat show. (execrable in 2 ways – 1 the show : 2 McIntyre himself) I intended to finish it tonight (Wed 26/03) as there was enough written to give me a sense as to what more I wanted to say and how I wanted to finish it off. Then this morning, I got up and having made myself a mug of tea plonked myself down to have a look at The Guardian website. There was the usual little links to articles about the Malaysian air disaster/mystery. I passed those by a glanced down the page and saw a picture of the smug git that goes by the name of Michael McIntyre. There was a tag line above the picture, I didn’t really read that but simply clicked to the article itself.

I read through the article was pretty disappointed with what I’d read. The subject and the general thrust of the article was essentially identical to what I had written. I now find that I can’t complete my post as it will be viewed as plagiarism….what I wrote is below…but it will remain unfinished whilst I silently seethe about how somebody got paid for writing what I was trying to do for free.

The pain of writing part time on an anonymous blog.

I’ve this and am now heading off to the shower to wash away the frustration

Stand-up comedian Michael MacIntyre on the red...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“This is my 301st post, so the last one was my 300th so at that rate by the end of the end of the year it’ll be around 400. Thought you may be interested to know that.

 No? Please youself……

I was watching telly the other night (that’s a shocker innit) and chanced upon this Michael McIntyre chat show. Well, what can I say? I could say that it a superb example of the televisual art. I could say that, but if I said that then I would be being economical with the verite. Well no, not economical just sheer wasteful. I’d be sending it up against the wall. I really don’t know what a chat show is supposed to be like, but one thing that I do know is that it should not be a platform for an egomaniac to massage his own already inflated ego. It should not be anything like this paean to an A List star with C List talent. This isn’t just me saying “Ooh, he was great before he was a star.” Well I am saying that, sort of, it’s just that he never was great. To me he’s a bit like the Boyzone of comedy – popular, but not exactly any good.

 When I first saw him on the telly I thought he was quite funny and his short spots on Live At The Apollo were entertaining. However, it’s when he replaced Jack Dee as the host of Apollo that I first the ego beginning to get out of control. He frequently and consistently referred to it as “My Show” when it was nothing of the kind. He continues to spout his “I look like I’m Japanese” line. Very offensive in my view and I heard so many references to his hair I wish that I could puke into it. Added to that he dresses like a fat funeral director who’s tailor didn’t allow for Mike’s love of lard.

 I think he’s crap.”

Ah well,

Ciao for Now


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