Posted by: docdenbow | March 15, 2014

This Is A Local Country For Local People

“This is a local shop for local people – there’s nothing for you here” – The League Of Gentlemen

Ah…yes…but….the UKIPs don’t actually believe that there’s nothing for those who are not local.

The UKIPs believe that there’s everything here for the “non locals.” So much so that they’re scuttling across the channel, new EU passports in hand, to loot and take back to their homelands everything that they can their little hands on. The UKIPs say they come over by the lorryload, go pick pocketing load up their lorries with ill gotten gains and slink and slither their way back to where they came from. the lorry is then re-used to bring more of ‘em back to start the scrounging thieving again say the UKIPs.

Oh yes, this is a local country for local people….. But not all of those Johnny Foreigner chaps are bad coves. Not allare cads, bounders and felons. No some are Doctors, Scientists, Professors – they’re ok. The UKIPs are happy with them. They don’t mind the Russian billionaires. They don’t mind the oil Sheiks either as long as they stick to the posh parts of London. The UKIPs know what side their bread has sunflower oil or other dairy produce on it. They’re not  xenophobic, they know what’s best for our little island island, that’s all. Keep it for local people, that’s all they want.

UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just think of the benefits of keeping it local. Two that spring to mind are no imports and no exports. Just keep it all local, that’s the best. No foreign interference. No reliance on any other country, don’t give any other country anything. Keep it local, keep it local. Just keep chanting…….The UKIPs want us to bring up the drawbridge against the outside world. Shall we all put our fingers in our ears and sing “la-la-la-can’t hear you?” The UKIPs have simplistic answers to complex questions…

And remember there will be no American TV shows. Not local. No cars unless British owned made and designed by British companies. (That means no cars) Cigarettes…none of them either. Can’t think where within the UKIPs domain tobacco is grown. No TVs, DVD players, computers and your iPhone can go as well.

In fact we’d have bugger all if we were a a UKIP country.

UKIP the acceptable face of British prejudice?

Ciao For Now


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