Posted by: docdenbow | February 23, 2014

Nick Clegg’s Sonic Screwdriver

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but forgot all about it….

Here we go again It seems that the “popular” press can only find two things to write about.


Nutters climbing cranes and skyscrapers

The reportage of the flooding is, like the ever rising water, swamping all before it. What bothers me is that prior to the Thames bursting its banks the coverage the press seemed to find the fact that Somerset was submerged of little importance. Certainly not deserving of any gravitas. It was merely something to be just a source of your evening’s entertainment. A bit like The Man From Atlantis meets Emmerdale. Of course much humour could be derived from watching the cider swilling yokels having their homes flooded and having to travel everywhere by boat or perched on a tractor trailer. My how we laughed at sodden environment chaps and moist members of various Townswomen’s Guilds. Besides what did they expect living in, ugh, Somerset?

This statement from the Dutch government is remarkable, how can the British government look flood victims in the eye?

This statement from the Dutch government is remarkable, how can the British government look flood victims in the eye?

But now, there is the odd puddle in stockbroker country where palatial properties belonging to the obscenely rich are under threat. Davey Boy Camoron has sent up a spy plane to assess the situation and we have seen the almost instant deployment of Google Boat to keep us lot in flood free zones entertained as the chinless see their 4x4s and Lambos floating away closely followed by the furniture. Of course as soon as those with cash are at risk the Tory press (which means every newspaper except the Guardian) are bellowing that “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE,” and like the “issues” surrounding the bailout of the banks, it’s all Labour’s fault. At this stage I really need to point out that all politicians are bastards. A significant portion of the country is underwater and Camoron is trying to score points and only really cares about the Tory heartlands.

Oh yeah, that and the endless meetings with COBRA (reminds me of U.N.I.T.) in Dr Who to work out what to do. Perhaps The Doctor can tow the water to Africa or Australia or somewhere and use the Tardis to blow dry the West Country. I bet Clegg thinks he can as he believe in Dr. Who and Santa Claus because he can’t believe that fiction must be fact as he is Deputy P.M.

Mind you Nicky baby, your sonic screwdriver looks a bit rubbish to me.

These are the real deal….

Moving swiftly on……….In the last few weeks, especially since a TV programme on Channel 4 called “Don’t Look Down” showed a few self styled “free Climbers” it seems that the press are filling the odd column with photographs and byelines of their exploits. To be honest, I’m not sure why this is happening. I’m not even sure why Channel 4 made the programme. The cynical side of me thinks that when one or more of these climbers eventually plummets and splats all over the tarmac below then these anti heroes will no longer be virtually canonized for their nerves of steel, but seen as plonkers with a deathwish. I just hope that the glamourization of their frankly idiotic pastime does not encourage others with less sheer nerve and expertise to attempt to emulate the goons and end up as jam on the concrete.

Each to their own eh?

Ciao For Now,


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