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Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Bathsheba & Troy?

I have an all consuming passion for foisting my opinions, which are based in part on nothing at all, on others via the medium of this blog. During the last kickball season I wrote and wrote and wrote what I consider to be “articles” about Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club and took to Twitter and a few fan forums imploring people to read what I’d written. I think that I wrote sensible stuff, good stuff and although the hit counter went into overdrive, precious few folks (BilstonJay aside) bothered to comment or even “like” what I’d written. In other words I got bugger all feedback, no dialogue was established.

Not having lived in Wolverhampton for over 30 years I decided to stop writing about WWFC altogether as I don’t feel part of the clan of supporters anymore. On that topic I’ve decided to keep my opinions to myself, especially having lurked around the self same forums and read some of the garbage posted there. I’ll just say this, WWFC are 2nd in League 1 as I write and there are still  posts criticizing the team and especially Kenny Jackett as they seem to think that the (once) mighty Wolves do not play “sexy football.”  Arseholes to a man/woman.

Of course that’s my opinion and I am foisting it upon you.

It’s not just WWFC that I’m talking about. It’s not even WWFC that I’m talking about. Not really. Ages and ages ago I wrote a piece about the slack jawed and drooling section of the populace who sat in front of their 42” TVs watching any old crap served up to them. Periodically they’d spark up a Regal and take a swig of Black Label and advise anyone within earshot that someone on Big Brother was a twat or someone on X-Factor could sing, or was fat. I never mentioned that at the other end of the spectrum you find breadstick nibblers sipping red wine watching Downton Abbey feeling infinitely superior as they don’t sully themselves with reality TV and soap operas.

Got some news for you. Downton Abbey is a soap opera and what’s more it’s crap. It’s true that there is a fine cast who I’m sure never looked at the script when they saw the size of the cheques they were offered. That’s why Triumph Bonneville does so many other things, he’s trying to purge himself of the lightweight  period drama by taking on decent roles that excrete the malady from both ends. The trouble with Downton Abbey is that the lazy partially intelligent of this world think it’s special because of the setting. In their own narrow minds they see it up there with those names that they have only faintly heard of. Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Henry Ford and Stan Laurel. They would never have watched Lark Rise To Candleford as they don’t like Bill Oddie. They would have seen a tiny bit of it, see Saffy and wonder what had happened to Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, and where is that nice woman from Terry And June, you know Thora something or other?

These Downton Abbey morons should be trying to read books. I would suggest start with Jasper Fforde as it will confuse the living crap out of them, but maybe encourage them to seek out proper books, you know the classics.

The classics.

I’ve read a few. Dusty, musty ancient tomes that on the face of it have bugger all to offer a metrosexual dude like me. But hey, how wrong are you? For my GCE O Level in English Literature at Wolverhampton Municipal Grammar School I had to read The Trumpet Major by Thomas Hardy. That was my first encounter with a “proper” book. I have no idea what I read before that was put into my reluctant hands ( I seem to remember the name Robert Bateman thought) and told I had to read it. 40 years on I remember sod all about it except that the eponymous Trumpet Major had a brother and his name was John. I must have liked it though because as a school prize I selected Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales and read the lot (when I wasn’t staring at Lucia George in Men Only) loved them as well.

Cover of "Far from the Madding Crowd"

I do remember reading Far From The Madding Crowd and thinking that it was brilliant. I saw the film with Julie Christie, Peter Finch, Alan Bates and Terence Stamp. I thought it was pretty good, not as good as the book, and I fell deeply in lust with Julie Christie. There are two things I’m getting at here. Firstly if a kid like me (not a swot) could read and enjoy Thomas Hardy, then kids today who read Harry Potter definitely have the stamina to stick with a book, so come on parents encourage your kids to read something worthwhile. Secondly, and this is aimed at the grown ups (that’s you, dummy) – have a read of Far From The Madding Crowd and Tess of the d’Urbervilles and then come and me that Downton Abbey is “brilliant.”

It’s not just books and TV. Music has turned into a vacuous instant commodity like a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, and just as satisfying. Ha! I’m not going down the “where I were t’lad” route here, but when I was a lad music had a meaning. it brought people together.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

The meatheads (heavy metal fans) the Northern Soul types heading up to the Casino in Wigan for speed fulled allnighters, the prog fans in their duffle coats carrying Genesis albums under their arm who’d spend endless hours discussing Emerson Lake and Palmer. Glam fans in love with Bowie, Bolan and Roxy and twats who loved Sweet, Mud and Showaddywaddy. Diversity, there was something for everyone.

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

Then along came the Pistols, The Damned, Clash and The Stranglers blowing all that pretentious crap away. Most (99%) of fans of just a single genre dismissed punk as noise designed for and played by morons. Me? Well only Northern Soul left me cold, but I listened to and owned albums in all other categories.(I never did own a Showaddywaddy album) and I embraced punk. In fact i loved it. I loved the first Damned album and Never Mind The Bollocks, I felt, was one of the greatest albums I had ever heard. Then there’s The Clash’s (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, still played by this Denbow.

So what I have been saying for the past 1,000 words?

I’ve been preaching….foisting my opinions on you….

What I’m trying to say is open your mind. challenge the stuff that’s put before you. learn from what went before. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it’s great or even good. Even Downton Abbey has its place, but it’s not, or shouldn’t be the intellectual highlight of your week.

Read, listen, think.

I’m bored now…..

Gonna watch Finding Bigfoot.

Ciao For Now


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  1. Haha thought provoking stuff as always. Keep taking the tablets.

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