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What Is NASA & The US Govt. Hiding?

I like a bit of odd, unexplained, outlandish and far fetched things. Nothing quite like “Secret Government Files” to set my pulse a-racing. The more outrageous the suggestion the more I’m into it. I am currently Swansea’s foremost Sasquatch expert. I may well be the only Sasquatch expert in South Wales, but if that doesn’t make me the foremost expert in Swansea then I don’t know what will. I am now broadening my knowledge into other areas of the unknown. Space and alien intelligence is my current field of in depth investigation.

I am looking for an appropriate baseball cap to add authenticity to my investigation and am once more installing the SETI@home software to assist in the search for interstellar signals, run up the electricity bill and burn out the processor on my spare laptop. At the same time using my main laptop with Linux to make it harder for the snoopers to plant spying software and I will be doing serious work on a systematic basis in order to increase my stock of knowledge.

By the way I’m not a nutter, just need to point that out, I’m an investigative blogger who is looking at NASA’s secret mission(s). The last “official” moonshot that the world knows about was Apollo 17 which took off December 7, 1972. Other pencilled in missions were cancelled and the equipment reused for the Skylab project. That’s the official story.

However, unbeknown to the world, there was to be another mission. Apollo 20 was a top-secret mission launched in mid August of 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara, California and conducted jointly by the United States and the former Soviet Union. There was a 3 man crew William Rutledge, Leona Snyder and Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov and the purpose of the mission was to take a closer look at what appeared to be a crashed spacecraft seen on the dark side of the moon and photographed on the Apollo 15 mission. Details of this mission were leaked to the UFO community by William Rutledge. The discoveries that were made there would shake the world to its’ core if they were publicized, but as is the way of the world in which we live, a great deal of time, effort and money has been spent on debunking Rutledge’s evidence.

We don’t have to just have “take his word for it” there is also solid evidence in the form of film. These films made it onto YouTube via Rutledge himself and have been scrutinized closely ever since. The veracity of Rutledge’s claims and the dismissal of the films as a hoax has been widespread, but is dismissal the logical conclusion to the weighing up of the evidence? I don’t think so – most of the dismissal has been orchestrated by NASA and the US Government.

  • The Apollo hardware was available regardless of NASA’s claim.

  • Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov was the first man to “walk” in space. From 1976 to 1982, Leonov was the commander of the cosmonaut team (“Chief Cosmonaut”) and deputy director of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, where he oversaw crew training making him perfect for Apollo. Now aged 79 he has always refused to discuss “Apollo 20 hoax” – draw your own conclusions from that.

  • The 1980s saw the beginning of the explosion of microprocessors and a quantum leap in what used to be called ”electronics.” Backward engineering of what was looted from the moon?

I believe that Apollo 20 cannot be dismissed as a hoax per se, as it raises more questions that can be answered by simply poo-pooing the whole story.

This isn’t the only example of the suppression of information by NASA. Further out from our planet in the solar system we have Mars. The red planet is a source of interest and controversy amongst researchers, Ufologists and some Egyptologists. This arises from images obtained by the Viking spacecraft in July of 1976 (mid 1976 again!)


What Viking saw on the planet’s surface is clearly evidence of an ancient civilization, a civilization that in some ways parallels that of man –  the human species. The picture above was taken by the Viking spacecraft and clearly shows a face as part of the Martian landscape. I do believe that this picture slipped through the net – as others have – and clearly show that these are edifices that were constructed. That is irrefutable.


What does the picture above show? Doesn’t it remind you of the Giza Plateau in Egypt? There is a clearly defined pyramid in virtually the centre and NASA are explaining it away as a trick of the light!


Even in the picture above the face is clearly visible and it is very similar to the face of the Sphinx – constructed by the same beings? I think so.

When you merge the evidence from the two 1976 missions it becomes crystal clear that there is a a very strong link between Earth, Mars and the dead alien explorer, dubbed Mona Lisa, found on the Moon. You’d have to be blind not to make the link.

  • There are pyramids all over  Planet Earth, best preserved in Egypt.
  • Mona Lisa looks more than a little like the depictions of ancient Egyptian royalty.
  • The is clear photographic evidence of pyramids on Mars.

Going back to my opening paragraph about the Sasquatch, I did assert that I am the foremost authority on this elusive creature in South Wales and even I am shocked and stunned at the latest revelations.

Take a look at this photograph, what do you see?


“Very little” I hear you say, but look again.


So what is that? An odd rock formation? Yeah, right, sure. A photoshopped fake picture? Afraid not sceptics, sorry. If you don’t believe me go and have a look at the official NASA photograph. The elusive Squatch is near the bottom left hand corner, you’ll have to zoom in and have a good old search, but he is there, trust me.

It’s likely that I need to rethink the direction of my Sasquatch investigations.

Life on Mars? It’s a God awful small affair….

Or is it?

Ciao For Now,


P.S. Trust no one.

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  1. Listen, I work at NASA in america, so you wanna know what we are hiding? Nothing, at the moment we are working on getting someone on mars and that is it. That picture of life on mars is NOT linked to us and is some guy which photo shopped it for a laugh. All we are is an organization of astronauts and rocket scientists, not some secret James Bond villain organization, sorry to let you down

    -Mark Lawless

    • Hey,

      Read the piece again. It was written as a subtle joke and not to be taken seriously at all. Bigfoot on Mars? Apollo 20?

      I know what I wrote was rubbish and I thought that the giveaway was the fact that I loved conspiracy theories and was in need of the usual baseball cap!

      Thanks though for reading and commenting!


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