Posted by: docdenbow | February 1, 2014

The Gullibobometer

I do think that basically people are easily led. Some people are are a doddle to lead. Others less so. Some people believe everything that you tell them without question. Some people are 100% sceptical. Abraham Lincoln apparently said (although there is some doubt)

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

That’s a hypothesis that isn’t easy to prove or disprove as gullibility isn’t the easiest thing to calibrate. You can’t get your gullibility tested by shoving a gullibobometer up your jacksy.

  • Do you or me or us believe what we’re told?

  • Does who it  is that’s telling us make any difference?

  • Are we capable of independent thought and reasoning?

  • Have you ever thought about that? Do you care?

  • Am I asking too many questions?

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This is where I’m coming from here. It’s quite simple – as I am – if an opinion or a statement appears in The Guardian or God forbid The Daily Mail then you’re more likely to believe it than if a 55 year old bloke from Wolverhampton writes on WordPress and says exactly the same thing. A single bloke on WordPress is a nutter, like the nutters who stand in the street waving their arms about telling anyone who’ll listen or anyone passing that the world is about to blow up or Jesus is going to send all non believers to hell.

English: Blue Baseball Cap

What point am I making? Does it matter what point I’m making? I’m a nutter with a little ol’ WordPress blog. I’m not someone who gets listened to. I’m not a mover or indeed a shaker. I’m not a trendsetter. Nobody will take a blind bit of notice of what I say. Maybe no one will ever take any notice of what I say, but I’m not going to stop saying things that I believe to be true. There’s thousands, possibly millions of people like me around the world. Keyboard warriors writing about their pet subjects. Conspiracies, aliens, cryptozoology, weird stuff and we’re all hiding behind baseball caps, unkempt beards and silly hairstyles. Opinions become facts, we make stuff up and become “experts,”  jump to dubious conclusions as we download qualifications from the internet and eat burgers and drink far too many fizzy sugary drinks.

When I say “we,” I don’t mean “we,” I mean  “them” or “they.” Right?


Ciao For Now


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