Posted by: docdenbow | December 28, 2013

Egotistical Megalomania

If you follow this blog, either by reading the email that lands in your inbox when something new is posted, or via the internet then you may have noticed that there has been nothing added to this site for quite a while – by my standards anyway. Normally I feel that I have plenty to say and can almost always find something that rattles my cage sufficiently that I retaliate with self righteous indignation and little sense. The other thing that has stopped me adding anything here is that annual phenomenon called Christmas. Oh aye, one other thing stopped me; I couldn’t be bothered.

So what is different today? I don’t really know to be honest. I starting tapping away on this laptop without having any idea what I was going to write about. Into the second paragraph and I’m still not sure. I did have the fanciful notion of linking my favourite blog posts of 2013 here, but that would be just egotistical megalomania and although I’d like to be a egotist I don’t think I am and my megalomania is confined to just one or two things. Besides, I can’t see anyone having the remotest interest in backtracking through this blog on my say so, especially as most of the posts are ephemeral.

So now paragraph the third, what to write about? Hmm, tricky that one. I’ll tell you what I’ll write about. I’ll write about writing.

I’ve decided that I’m going to write something in 2014. No, I don’t mean just this blog and I don’t mean a bloody novel. There may well be short stories and even a long short story and there will be a succession of rambling blog posts when I’m on a sugar rush from too much Dandelion And Burdock and Maxwell House. Obviously being virtually devoid of true musical ability and patience to work out just how my Zoom Home Studio thingy works, a rock opera or concept album is on the back burner so what’s the *writing* going to be?

Okay, as I hinted at a few posts ago the *novel* which is 15 years old and still nowhere near finished has finally got on my tits just enough that it is going into hibernation. I won’t say euthanised because I can’t pronounce it, no it will be gently wrapped up and put away as a testament to an okay idea that just took too long to, well just too long to…….

So, for once in my life I am trying to get organized before I start writing the next project. *The next project.* Pompous arse aren’t I? *The next project.* Well, I’ll tell you what, if I can pull this off then I will be a pompous arse. In fact I will be pompous from head to toe and big myself up as bigly as can be bigged. Indeed when you look up pompous in the dictionary it will say –



1) affectedly grand, solemn, or self-important

2) Denbow

Before even beginning to put words down on electronic paper, I’ve been making copious notes on my PlayBook. Voice notes, I mean, so that the ideas go down as quickly as they pop into my head and I don’t forget things by not being able to type quite as quickly as I can talk and think. Besides voice notes are ideal as sometimes they help you get the cadence of the way a piece of writing should go. I’ve also been researching stage direction and the way things should be presented as what I’m setting up to write is not meant to be read. It’s meant to be listened to, or even better seen and heard.

Yes my friends, like the greats of the past William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Ernie Wise to name but 3, I am attempting to write what I am terming a *performance piece.* Or more more to the point several stand alone, themed interlinked performance pieces. I tell you what, it’s challenging. It’s a bit like someone saying to you “I bet you won’t skinny dip for charity” and you coming straight back and saying that you will and then finding out it’s not quite as straightforward as you thought it would be and that there’s more to it than just getting your kit off and jumping in the sea. Having committed myself to this I have already got some stuff down and am fairly happy happy with the progress so far.

One thing for sure, I am not going to be setting deadlines for myself. That takes the fun out of it for me. For sure, I’m not going to let it drag on and on and on but I’m also not going to pressure myself into trying to write this any quicker than I want to. The beauty of doing this is the fact I can *demo* it myself, you like it was a piece of music and listen to it back and get some idea whether the lines “scan” (is that the right term?) It will quite bring out the budding thespian in me and allow my talents as limited as they are to be spread ever thinner.

Ciao For Now




  1. Hi mate, its great to hear that you have this project, and it is a “project” so don’t be ashamed to say it. Us creative types, with our over-active minds, needs to channel the energy of our synapses sparking into something. The phrase “The devil makes work for idle hands” isn’t a general statement at all people, but a statement about creative people (thats my belief anyway). Without something to concentrate on creatives get up to mischief, trust me I know! Maybe a play is your thing, I can see you with your script in hand giving direction to a theatre company, and I’d be happy to come and see anything you wrote and produced. If you ever need any help or advice or just want a winge at the difficulties we pose for ourselves as writers, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to offer you my support.

    Hope you had a good Xmas, I’ve had a blast.

    Your buddy,

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