Posted by: docdenbow | November 15, 2013

A Thundering Snakecharmer

I bought a new CD a couple of weeks ago. That’s right a brand spanking new shiny CD. I haven’t bought a brand new CD for while. The last one I got was by Black Country Communion. I’ve been buying Glenn Hughes’ CDs for years so besides his stuff I really can’t think of anything new that I’ve bought.

As I mentioned in my post called “Do I Want A Pint? No Thanks, I’m Driving……” my musical taste swings from be bop to hard rock and all points in between. Prior to me buying my brand new shiny CD I bought quite a few secondhand cheapies from eBay. Every Suede album, two Bernard Butler albums and I filled the gaps in my World Party collection. I bought Chumbawamba’s “Anarchy” album, Sass Jordan’s fabulous “Rats” album and even The Smiths’ “Sound Of The Smiths” album. As well as eBay I raided a charity shop in Wombourne and bought two Emmylou Harris CDs, a Bonnie Raitt Best Of, two by Fairport Convention and a Hollies compilation. Oh yes and my beloved Nick Drake CDs that some heathen with no taste was parting with. There really is no hope for some people.

Anyway I had been playing a couple of Popa Chubby albums that I have in my collection when I started, as is fairly usual for me, to think in themes. Chubby is an American blues singer/guitarist so I had a little delve into my CDs and came out with a two CD set called “The Time Is Right For Live” by the Moody Marsden Band. Now this set is made up of two different live albums. “Never Turn Our Back On The Blues” which is an electric album and “Live In Hell – Unplugged,” which err, isn’t. The songs are covers of old blues standards and a couple of old Whitesnake songs which sound better without David Coverdale than they ever did when he sang for them. Fabulous albums, if you can find them they’re worth a spin and maybe you’ll dip your hand into your pocket.

My encyclopedic knowledge of “Dad Rock” (ha!) told me that there were no other Moody Marsden Band albums to be had. I did a bit of digging on the web and discovered that Micky Moody had a new band called Snakecharmer and there was a CD out. The lineup of the band looked good made up of hard rock stalwarts Chris Ousey – lead vocals, Micky Moody – guitar, Laurie Wisefield – guitar, Adam Wakeman – keyboards, Neil Murray – bass and Harry James – drums. I had a look at the video on YouTube and jumped in at the deep end and ordered my brand new shiny Snakecharmer CD.

The first play of the CD left me feeling a bit disappointed to be honest. I was hoping for more than I heard. It was okay, but that was all – it was well performed, but it just didn’t grab me too much. However, the more I’ve played it the better it gets and now I’m glad that I took the plunge. It really is nothing stunningly original, early 90s hard rock. Have a look at the video, it’s pretty representative of the rest of the album.

Now me being me, I couldn’t keep just playing the Snakecharmer CD over and over so I had to find something to complement it, thematically linked. I don’t own any Heartland stuff that Chris Ousey sang on, my Wishbone Ash and Home records are in the attic and I haven’t got a turntable anyway, Adam Wakeman? Nah his Dad’s the man. Neil Murray? Can’t listen to Whitesnake at all these days, so that left me with Harry. In case you don’t know, Harry James was/is (?) drummer with Thunder and sometimes Magnum. “Ah,” I thought, “Let’s dig my Thunder CDs out.”

I have three, “Backstreet Symphony,” “Laughing On Judgement Day” and “Giving The Game Away.” I decided to grab the first two and leave “Giving The Game Away” as it’s an album that I’ve barely played. For the past week or so I’ve been blasting these in the car and I’m absolutely loving both of them. In many ways Thunder are not unlike a beefed up Bad Company with vocalist Danny Bowes sounding better than Paul Rodgers even did. I found this video, have a look, see what you think.

If you enjoyed that, then the best deal for a CD is THIS from Amazon

I’m not ever going to give you a track by track review of any album I ever write about here, but if you do go hunting for Thunder music on the internet have a listen. By the way, my favourite song by miles is “Like A Satellite.”

Well there you are, just an old rocker at heart….(this week anyway)

Ciao For Now,



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