Posted by: docdenbow | November 12, 2013

The Cult Of Personality

I’m puzzled. In fact puzzled is not a sufficiently strong word. I’m incredulous, disbelieving and baffled – and probably many more words that convey the same emotion and have a similar meaning as well. I’m also resentful. The resentful bit is not good as this resentment in this instance implies a certain amount of petty jealousy on my part. I’m not jealous, and before you think he is protesting about jealousy too much, let me tell you I’m angry. This anger is tinged with sadness, sorrow and other words beginning with “S” which I have no desire to use in case I’m accused of an addiction to alliteration. I’ll tell you about it.

The other night I watched “Have I Got News For You” on the telly. I usually enjoy the programme. Over the years I have probably seen just about every episode, but the episode that I watched the other night night was beneath contempt. Sitting on my screen was a racist bigot who also threw in a touch of sexism for good measure. The BBC had booked and presumably paid an appearance fee to sexist xenophobe Godfrey Bloom. Initially I thought it was because Hislop and Merton were going to rip him to shreds. Well, baldy and unfunny totally bottled it leaving Victoria Coren-Mitchell to aim a few barbs at Bloom who was obviously too thick to understand that he was being insulted. So yes, I’m puzzled as to why Hislop and Merton gave this moron an easy ride and, not that they care, Doc Denbow will in future be seeing what cretin’s pockets they are lining and fawning to before deciding whether to watch the programme.

I can always watch Dog The Bounty Hunter chaps……

“Have I Got News For You” is not all that puzzles me at the moment, but it is somehow linked. These days there seems to be more celebrities than non-celebrities and the number of non-celebrities is on the rise. The red carpets will need to be made bigger and longer to fit them all on. The television companies will need to come up with more “Celebrity” formats to keep these cretins in work. Famous for being famous, the day has arrived. “Celebrity” Big Brother was full of them this year.

According to the oracle that is Wikipedia a celebrity is – “A person, who has a prominent profile and commands some degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day news media.”

I really have never thought of it that way, and I’m willing to bet that the execs and power brokers at Channel 5 have never thought of celebrity in the that way either. I find the celebration and obsession with Celebrity to be an odd pastime and it gets on my nerves. Yet as Wiki says, genuine Celebrities are fascinating and can have influence on the great unwashed masses. I suppose the likes of David Beckham have influenced thousands of people worldwide in one way or another. But in many respects he has earned his fame by not only his prowess on the football field, but also by astute management and PR. He and his ilk would never be seen on Celebrity Big Brother or Strictly Come Dancing On Ice or whatever the hell these programmes are called.


He’s a genuine 100% copper bottomed Celebrity – that’s why. Then we look at what passes for Celebrity inside the Big Brother house. These *Celebs* are in danger of suffocation as they are so starved of the oxygen of fame. As a result they are prepared to permit round the clock intrusion into the lives and public humiliation so that they can earn a few (thousand) quid and perhaps get their careers off life support. Perhaps they all think that they can land a job presenting some other vacuous *Reality* TV programme on the back of *success* in CBB. However, as *Celebs* go, they are a bit low rent of the , reduced to clear, Poundland, Primark and Car Boot Sale kind.

This my friends is the source of my impotent rage. Idiots with no claim to fame or any worth to society picking up cheques, often huge, for basically existing and breathing in and breathing out. I don’t resent people with a talent or a skill, or those who are prepared to devote themselves to something, being amply rewarded financially, I really don’t. It’s true that the rewards are often disproportionate, but people actually do want to watch Premier League footballers or rock bands and are not usually interested in watching a plumber at work or stand outside a call centre asking for autographs hence the disparity in their pay. I just resent the way TV is polluted by cheap tat at the expense of something worthwhile, that’s all. It seems that a lot of them are hanging on longer than Andy Warhol predicted.

So yes, some Celebrities are worth their money in a way and before you say Ant and Dec are worth their money, I say…

Don’t make me puke!

Ciao For Now,




  1. It’s only getting worse.

    Facebook allows even us normal mortals to stage manage our public persona. Our best ever photo as our profile pic, loads of fictional likes of books and films to appear clever and the endless updates, having a coffee *picture* shopping *picture* stuck in traffic *picture*

    The Cult of Celebrity is becoming normality and I agree its angering and sickening. But then we are two bloggers essentially screaming for attention and getting none so maybe we’re just bitter that no one cares!

    Now I’ve insulted both of us too. 😦

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