Posted by: docdenbow | November 9, 2013

Do I Want A Pint? No Thanks, I’m Driving……

This little post/article call it what you will, is all about me so if you’re not interested then……..

I went out the other night to take part in the pub quiz in the local pub. We didn’t win, but we did come a strong second. Our little team wins on more than our fair share of occasions so defeat is not such a bitter pill to swallow. I drank shandy, more lemonade than beer. I drank shandy for two reasons. Firstly 100% soft drinks cost the earth and secondly me and beer don’t get on anymore. I’m not sure that me and beer have ever been the bestest of mates due the fact that I have, in the past, consumed it in quantities that were I doing it now would seriously worry me, if I ever sobered up properly.

Like virtually everyone who has ever consumed either the grape or grain there were many many occasions when I said “never again” and for a day or two I would swear an oath of sobriety. I suppose that i’m not alone there. However, I was drinking more evenings than I wasn’t and I now realise that not only it beer give me stinking headaches and bad guts, it also affected both my personality and judgement. Now I’m not talking here exclusively of becoming more gregarious and confident when a bit pissed I’m also talking about the day after (and usually the day after the day after) I had a wake up call a couple of years ago and decided that was it, me and alcohol were not the best of bedfellows so a drastically cut down on my consumption of the demon drink. There, simple job done. I can be strong minded when I need to be. Yet I was going to the pub quiz once a week and drinking two or three pints and guess what. That’s right I felt like sh*t the following day.

Now I’ve come to a decision. That’s it. Finito, no more, I’ve had it. Over the years I’ve drunk my fair share of beer and probably yours as well and am I any the better for it? What do you think? Of course not. Had I never, ever drunk alcohol would my life have turned out different? That’s the $64,000 question and impossible to answer, but it is food for thought. Anyway, I’m no philosopher of the “I drink therefore I am” kind.

So now I don’t drink, this is Day One of absolutely no alcohol (unless you count weak shandy once a week.) Will it make any difference to me? Well, for sure I won’t feel tetchy the day after the pub quiz and if I get p*ssed off with someone it won’t be due to several pints sloshing around in my stomach. No, they’ll be getting on my nerves and annoying me when I’ve not had anything alcoholic to drink. It’ll still happen, people will p*ss me off as I’m not the most tolerant chap in the world, but hopefully I’ll be able to work out why they are p*ssing me off and learn to understand and forgive and forget.

Whilst I now understand why I’ve been vile on occasions in the past there is one other thing that worries me about myself. That’s enthusiasm. A workmate thinks I have an obsessive personality. For myself, I don’t think that they are a million miles wide of the the mark. Once I get something into my head, then that’s it. I go at things like the proverbial bull at a gate and usually burn myself out in days, weeks, hours and move on to something else. For all of that, within the following days, weeks or hours I can and usually do return to this “thing” and go at it again. It’s been reading, writing on and completing my novel (ha!), playing guitar, polishing and cleaning the car – you name it. I throw myself into something wholeheartedly, research work hard and then sooner rather than later stop. Stop dead. Just like that. I always find an excuse for not continuing something that I’ve started, but in truth I get bored. I have the attention span of a goldfish and precious little pride in myself in terms of getting things done.

Listening to music is exactly the same. I have months where I’ll listen to nothing but Glenn Hughes or Jellyfish or Nick Drake or Art Pepper or Thunder or T.Rex or whoever I have in my music collection (trust me it’s a massive collection) Nick+Drake+-+Bryter+Layter+-+1st+-+LP+RECORD-430139Not only do I play the albums I’ll research the group or individual on the internet so much so I end up knowing more about them and their careers than you would think possible. The trouble with that is that the music tends to influence my thinking and actions.  If I’m having a jazz phase I’ll be playing Miles Davis, Tubby Hayes and maybe a bit of Courtney Pine and Tommy Smith and will become my version of terribly cool and browse the internet for retro clothing and read Raymond Chandler. T.Rex tends to depress me as I realise just how long ago it was when “Electric Warrior” came out. With bands like Thunder I tend to polish down my Ibanez and try to play along, scouring YouTube for lessons in how to play “Dirty Love” and having failed, look for ways to play “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC (which I can muddle through for your info) That’s when my cowboy boots or trainers come out and my 501s that are just that little bit too small. See where all of this is going? You might think that it’s great to have such a wide taste in music and have so many interests.

Well yes it is. But it’s led me to think that I suffer from multi personality disorder.

And on that note,

Ciao For Now,




  1. Please don’t think me cruel for my comment to come. I truly do not intend it to sound cruel.

    “You cannot finish anything and you turn a blog post about alcohol into a music post.”

    Just read it again and see. The train of thought is lost and we go from an unfinished blog about drink to a rather interesting little note about music. I’ve felt for ages you’re just an old rocker hiding behind a blogger hiding behind a tweeter hiding behind anything. If music is your muse then tell us about it.

    You used to do your music blogs, about bands I’d hardly heard of, and they were interesting and I was entertained by the quality of the random and unknown bands you shared. Maybe you should grab your laptop, your guitar and a beer and become the blogger you so clearly want to be – a music mostly blogger with a few opinions on the side. You clearly have a great knowledge and love for music. It would be cool to see you share it in your own way.

    As for drink, my relationship with it is different to yours.

    Maybe I’ll share my experience on the greatest blog on Earth ( if I can even remember writing this comment. Yours happily drunk, Jay. PS I type better drunk, this comment is readable because of alcohol.

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