Posted by: docdenbow | October 20, 2013

My Newly Acquired Wealth

I have recently discovered that by not doing something that I have been doing for years I will generate as if by magic a few quid to spend on myself so that I can indulge alternative avenues of pleasure. Do you understand what I mean? No? Excellent!

Well I’m saving, or not spending, something like £25 or maybe £30 a week. Maybe it’s more but in a month or so I will have more than £100. Sadly Mrs. Denbow also knows that I will have a few quid soon and may try to snatch it from my grasp. No, Mrs Denbow this booty is mine. The loot belongs to me, for she has her very own tin containing spondulicks to which I have no access.  I have yet to acquire a suitable receptacle, but never fear I shall and forthwith, soon and all that malarkey. Mrs Denbow subscribes to the notion of “what’s mine is mine – and what’s yours is mine as well” so although I’m not too fussed about keeping all of the money that I’m saving by not doing something that I have been doing for years, I do want a little treat and therein lies the problem.

I’m an unambitious soul, I don’t think I’m greedy, I know I’m lazy and in real terms want for nothing in my life. I have had a few thoughts about what to spend my savings on and for a while I was hell bent on buying a pretty little acoustic guitar.


I’m sure you’ll agree as pretty little acoustic guitars go, that this one is indeed really pretty. I have long coveted this and I have briefly played one and thought it was quite nice. I have for a long time felt that my acoustic guitar is, as they say in the guitar trade, crap. The fact that I haven’t played in ages didn’t exactly curtail my desire to own this new guitar. To cut a long story short, for no apparent reason I restrung my trusty old crappy kimbara1Kimbara that I paid all of £30 for, with strings that really should be on an electric guitar as opposed to the acoustic strings that were on it and had the shock of my life. Okay putting 10s on it didn’t change the action, but it made it easier to fret the notes further up the neck, but the change in tone was amazing. The old girl now sounds great, or great to me at least and as a result I don’t see the point in replacing it anymore.

My old Ibanez Les Paul Custom is my really pride and joy though, so I’m going to try and tidy it up so that it is at least clean. I may well then get it serviced, set up properly and suchlike as the pots are a bit noisy, after all it’s about 37 years old now. I have a Strat copy as well and although it plays nicely enough I really don’t think I need to have 3 guitars to hand so that one is going into hibernation. Anyhow, as I’m not going to be buying a guitar anytime soon I’m wondering how I’ll spend my newly acquired wealth. Well, the thing is for all of my numerical maturity I’m still an irresponsible adolescent, so much so my kids are older than I am. I really want to spend my £100 a month on something totally inappropriate, yet I know that with me it’s not the acquisition that pleases me it’s the whole process of wanting. In selfish me, me, me terms terms, I have everything material that I both want and need. A damned fine hi fi, loads of CD’s and MP3’s, a good phone and tablet, two laptops, guitars, amps, a decent car. Loads of stuff. I forgot the Kindle which is crammed to bursting with books. There’s bugger all left to buy myself as an indulgence and that in itself is a bit sad don’t you think?

Anyway, to get back to where I started, in a year I’ll have “magicked up” £1000+ and right now I have little idea, notion or whatever of what I’ll do with it. I can almost hear you saying “put it away for a rainy day,” I disagree with that. At my age, and with some of the things that I’ve seen happen to other people, I’d rather spend the loot and worry about the consequences some other time. I don’t want to have money saved and die without spending it or being a miser. I don’t want to buy an umbrella just in case it rains. Besides there are things that I’d like to do at home, or more specifically in the garden. Trouble is although at one time the garden was pretty enough, in the last few years it has declined through neglect. It’s not overgrown or anything, just uncared for and boring.The fences have become increasingly rickety and it is not exactly easy on the eye anymore. It needs (as I do) a facelift to make it appealing once more. I have a wealth of ideas as to how I want the finished garden to look and until now have never had spare money to do it. I do now though. Whilst it’s true that there’s a lot of labour involved in achieving what I want, I’m not totally past it yet, so it’s not an impossible target that I’m setting myself.

For the last few years I have wanted a shed (Remember what I said earlier? “it’s not the acquisition that pleases me it’s the whole process of wanting”) or more accurately, a summerhouse. Now this summerhouse idea of mine will not require the intervention of Kevin McCloud and Channel 4 will not be following the progress of its construction. My friends this summerhouse will be little more than a glorified shed. However, it can’t just be plonked down arbitrarily otherwise the whole garden endeavour will be a waste of time and money. For that reason a bit of planning is required. In fact a lot of planning is required. In fact a timescale for completion needs to be decided upon and all that jazz – and a budget. I don’t want this project to turn into a money pit. Usually at this point I would discuss the matter with Mrs. Denbow. She would offer suggestions, screw up her face and say things like “I don’t like that” and “That will be in my face.” On this occasion, however, I will be taking little notice of any protests that she makes. In fact if she doesn’t like what I propose then, tough! I will explain the proposals and maybe even tweak the plans, but this is going to be my project, not hers.

I hope that on this occasion I’m not going to be all talk as I usually am so I’m really going to have to discipline myself to actually do what I say I’m going to do. I need to remember that tomorrow is not just another day, it can easily become the day when you anticipate starting or indeed carrying on with whatever project you’re working on.

Ciao For Now




  1. No! surely not given up supporting the Wanderers? or maybe just the puff 🙂 Good Luck wi the organic garden project then, be watchin out for ye on Soundcloud soon.

    • Yes my friend, ciggies are a thing of the past and although I’ve decided against getting a guitar as I’m happy with the ones I already have I am playing (badly) again with the intention of home recording eventually, so Soundcloud? You never know!


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