Posted by: docdenbow | September 22, 2013

Morons In High Office

Right, got to say in this country we have a two (or more) tier society. For those in the upper tier(s) it’s pretty damn easy to make everything very nice thank you very much. For the rest of us, at least those of us who are (or remember what it’s like to be) aspirational then life is not playing exactly fair with you. As your friend Nick Clegg pointed out most eloquently, tuition fees leave new graduates several thousand pounds in debt.

Now a quick squint at Nicky baby’s background shows pretty clearly that he comes from a family with more than a couple of quid in the bank. Now I would contend that if and when Nick’s little Miguel nips off to University he won’t have to worry about the size of the tuition fees, let alone the expenses, that his Daddy and his pals in Westminster have and are imposing on kids trying to get on in life. I really don’t know how you live with yourself Nick, I really don’t. When you jumped into bed with Cameron and his Tory hoorays you sold what few principles a politician can have  down the river. All for what? A seat at the top table? You had the perfect opportunity to tell Cameron that his ideas about tuition fees weren’t going to fly and that he was on his own if he went that way. Did you do that? Nope, tail between your legs you cowered in front of the mighty Dave.  Well done Nick, I hold you solely responsible for the tuition fees debacle. In fact the Guardian reported on Friday 12 August 2011 students who begin their courses at universities in England next year (i.e. 2012) are likely to graduate with nearly £60,000 in debt. Just wondering if that’s the reason you’re still on the fags and cry when you listen to Johnny Cash?

However, money and the ability to go through higher education debt free is not the only privilege afforded to those in the upper tiers, or at least not near the bottom. I am of course referring to those sorry individuals who live off Housing Benefit.

No, please no don’t. *Adopts Frankie Howerd style* No missus, just listen……..

I’m not talking about those lazy scumbags we see on Jezza Kyle I am in fact talking about those who buy cheap housing to let out to build themselves a “portfolio” and make themselves feel important whilst all the time exploiting the poor. The fact that there is the opportunity available for these “businessmen” to make a living out of the misery of the poor sickens me to the stomach. What’s Dave doing about it? Ah, there’s this information on a Government website that I found after a quick search.

“Help to Buy mortgage guarantee

The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme helps people buy a newly built home or an existing property with a deposit of only 5% of the purchase price.

The scheme will be open for loans to existing homeowners, as well as first time buyers. The loans will be available on new and existing houses with a value of up to £600,0000.”

Do you know what my first reaction was? WTF! Why should we, the “great unwashed,” help anyone who wants to buy a house for £600,000? Why? I can’t see a first time buyer spending that type of dosh on their first house so why the hell should we help existing homeowners get the loot together to buy a house worth more than HALF A MILLION POUNDS? I’m frankly baffled by all of this, nonplussed, bamboozled, flummoxed and lots more besides.

I’m an uneducated oaf I suppose because I can’t understand for the life of me what this Government “Think Tank” were actually thinking when they were in their tank. Maybe, just maybe I’m not as thick as I think I am because the scheme was described as “moronic” by Societe Generale SA global strategist Albert Edwards in June for encouraging Britons to add to high debt levels.

Welcome to the world of morons in high office.

Ciao For Now



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