Posted by: docdenbow | September 4, 2013

Levi 501s & Blackberry Playbooks

Okay, I’m past my prime I guess. I’m not the svelte athletic laddie I was. Not sure when the athletic ever came into it, but I was thin, had long blond hair and I suppose that I wasn’t a bad looking kid. These days my face looks as if it needs ironing, I have a bit of a pot belly and my fitness levels leave quite a bit to be desired. For all of that I have all of my hair, which hasn’t gone grey as yet so at my age I should be grateful. In the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to lose about 12 pounds in weight and can now fit into my Levi 501s bought from eBay which were a little smaller than I thought that they would be. All in all that’s pretty good news. I am slimmer right now than I have been for ages. Still overweight but going in the right direction. You see I don’t think that I’m vain, but let me tell you, I’m probably a lot vainer than than you may realize. That’s why I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to lose this weight.


Now in this age of fad diets and fitness gurus, I bet you’re wondering how I can have achieved such a dramatic weight loss. In all I managed to drop 16 pounds in eight days, I’ve put a little on again, but at the moment I’m still losing weight but not at such a spectacular rate. So what’s the secret? I really don’t want to go into too much detail but I’ll just say that an anal fissure followed by an abscess the size of a ping pong ball does tend to make you feel that you don’t want to eat on the grounds that what goes in has got to come out. As a result I lived for about ten days on soup, water and coffee. Not surprisingly I lost weight. With a little work I may be able to get down to a weight approaching what I was thirty years ago and I’ll be fitter and will be eating more healthily than I have in years.

Going back to the “past my prime” and vanity, as I’ve already said I’m vain. Yet for all of my vanity I don’t try to dress like I’m a kid or wear anything as sick any distasteful as jeans where the crotch is at knee level or a beanie hats in the height of summer. I go my own way on that score. In other things I couldn’t give a monkey’s about fashion. The latest “must have” gadgets usually leave me cold and the idea of having a Samsung mobile that has a massive screen etc etc leaves me so cold that I need to wear thermals. At the moment I have a HTC Desire S phone and it has served me well. However, I’m out of contract so I’m free to get a brand spanking new phone. I have set my budget and if I want one of these behemoths or God forbid an iPhone then it’ll either cost me a small fortune or I’ll have a miniscule allowance for calls, texts and data. I’d probably also be asked to whack down a monstrous deposit or whatever they call it to get the phone in the first place.

Anyway, tablets are/were “must have” gadgets and I must admit I own a tablet. Before I bought mine I did a load of research into what the best one for my needs would be. Again I set myself a budget and I was very surprised to find a tablet that suited my requirements for a lot less than I was prepared to pay. I went as far as diving into Currys and PC World to get “hands on” with all of the tablets and found with the exception of the hugely expensive iPad all of them felt very flimsy. All of them that is, except the Blackberry PlayBook.BlackBerry-Playbook-Square The reviews I had read were okay, but without exception all said it was a fine piece of kit and at £129 for the 64gb model was a steal. I duly handed over the £129 and became the owner of a Playbook.

I’ve had it a good few months now and I absolutely love it. On the internet it’s quick and there are more than enough applications in the App Store to keep you happy. If you want to enter “geekdom” there is also a way of installing a few Android apps onto your Playbook if there is no Blackberry equivalent. As a media player it’s brilliant, though you may have to convert videos into a Playbook friendly format. The camera is ok and the Blackberry voice and video chat to other Blackberry users is the best I’ve ever encountered.

What has made the Playbook even better for me is my recent purchase of a Bluetooth keyboard which enables me to type pretty quickly so that I can write down my thoughts on the move, so to speak. I have also discovered a nice browser specifically made for the Playbook called Origami. It’s very like Chrome and if you happen to be a Playbook user get it! Now!

I’m a bit of a fan of the Playbook as you can tell.

Q5Back to the phone and guess what phone I intend to have now? Yup, a Blackberry. A Q5 to be precise. The full touchscreen Z10 costs a small fortune and the Q10 and Q5 are very similar apart from the the price. Of course a lot of Neanderthal youths upon hearing of my intentions have belittled my choice, even suggesting that I’d be better off with a Nokia 3310. I don’t care one iota what these youths have to say. I’m more than happy with what I have chosen and I am pretty sure that it will complement my Playbook. Reading about Blackberry stuff on t’web it strikes me that Blackberry fans are a bit like these VW Beetle loyalists, prepared to take a well built product warts and all.

I guess I’m one of that select band.

Ciao For Now



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