Posted by: docdenbow | September 1, 2013

Less Than Zero – Are Wolves Fans Fickle?

I’ve heard the song by Elvis Costello, but I’ve never read Bret Easton Ellis’ novel. I’m only thinking of the phrase and how it can be applied. I could easily have said From Zero To Hero, but that wouldn’t be strictly accurate. I’m not going to write about Oswald Mosley and have no desire to try to review and discuss a book I’ve not even read. That would be not exactly honest and pretty pointless. What I’m talking about is the fickleness of certain Wolves supporters when it comes to this seasons’ new number 9, Leigh Griffiths.

At the age of 23 Leigh Griffiths has managed to get himself a reputation for off the field shenanigans, yet for all of that whilst on loan at Hibs he was scoring goals for fun and became the Scottish Football Writers Player Of The Season and the SPL Player Of The year. Now whilst it’s important to be aware that the standards of teams in Scotland is not generally considered to be of the same standards as in England, any player who can score 28 goals in 42 games in the Scottish Premier cannot be dismissed as rubbish. Since he’s returned to Wolves under Kenny Jackett he seems to be thriving and in terms of goalscoring is carrying on where he left off in the SPL.

Yes, fellow Wolves fans Leigh Griffiths is quickly becoming a Molineux favourite, feted for his eye for a goal and fans are remarking that he may become the new Steve Bull. Yeah right. These fans being the same ones who on a few Wolves Forums were lambasting Griffiths earlier in the season and telling fellow forum members that he should not be allowed anywhere near Molineux. I bet they were saying the same things in the boozers all over the Black Country. Yes these barroom experts are now saying that they knew he’d come good all along and that all he needed was a manager with belief in his abilities.


These hypocritical sods were of the opinion that Leigh Griffiths was the lowest form of life and deserved to be put up there on a pedestal alongside the other *fan’s favourite* the odious Lee Hughes.

If you prove to be wrong in your assertions about anything in life, then hold your hands up and admit that you were mistaken. Don’t try to sweep your old misguided notions under the carpet, it will just make you look like a tw*t. That’s what annoys me so much in life in general and about football fans especially. It’s the whole “I knew he was a good ‘un all along” syndrome. The Leigh Griffiths bandwagon must be huge and it must be sturdy as their are so many people jumping on it. Now I’m not trying to say that I didn’t have reservations about Leigh Griffiths given his off field reputation, but investing in a young goalscorer and not giving him a try makes no sense.

Since Wolves tumbled from the Premier League there’s been two managers. Solbakken and Dean *Moron* Saunders. Wolves - Paying For The Sins Of The PastBoth I guess would have been able to recall Griffiths back to Wolverhampton to give him a run out, or even just to watch him train. Did they bother? Don’t think they did. Simply put Leigh Griffiths was an untapped resource in whom the club had invested £150,000. Had Kenny Jackett not taken over over from the Welsh wizard, I wonder just what club and where Leigh Griffiths would be.

Aside from my irritation at all of these Leigh Griffiths *Johnny come lately’s* I really have to say that I’m really chuffed to bits with the results Wolves have achieved in the opening 4 games in League 1. Using the good old cliche *it’s a long season* we all know it’s (very) early days yet but the initial signs are really encouraging. Disposing of much of the squad from last season seems to have engendered a togetherness amongst both the fans and perhaps more importantly the players that can only bode well for the future. Yet for all of the *green shoots of recovery,* there is an elephant in the room. Or to be more accurate 3 of the buggers.

Kenny Jackett’s intransigence has helped us get shot of Karl Henry, who over the past couple of years has managed to pull the standards of performance of a Sunday League team. For this we must give thanks to Jez and at the same time worry about the mental health of Harry Redkanapp who apparently handed over QPR’s cash for this donkey. Another somewhat equine player Stephen Ward has been lent to Brighton for a year and that leaves us with two unwanted, overpaid players.

Step forward Jamie *Hollywood* O’Hara and Roger *Mine’s A Stella* Johnson. With these giants of modern football you would have thought that clubs all over the world would be seeking to prise them away from Wolverhampton. You would have thought wrong. I’m really not sure what to make of the situation at the moment with not one club apparently showing any interest at all. O’Hara is a fine player, not as good as he thinks he is, but fine player nevertheless. Playing in League 1 he would, if committed, thrive. If his attitude was right he’d be an assett to the team. With O’Hara, if there are no takers then I see no alternative other than to reintegrate him into the squad and use him.

Roger Johnson is not a player that I’d want in my club. His career has stuttered and stalled since he was part of the Birmingham City team that tumbled from the Premier League. He came to Wolves for a pretty big fee and from the centre of defence helped navigate us through 2 successive relegations. Yet as little as 4 seasons ago he was highly rated and was thought of as a player with a possible international future. It seems that since he came to Wolves everything that could go wrong for Johnson has gone wrong all of which was compounded by him turning up for training under the influence. Is he finished? Should he be left out in the cold whilst all the time picking up what to the ordinary fan can only be described as a kings’ ransom?

With the League 1 transfer window edging towards closure Morgan, Moxey and Jackett have tough calls to make about these 2. If they don’t leave then it’s my view that they should be brought back into the squad and selected on nothing more than merit and not past *glories.* If either the fans or the players think that this will undermine Kenny Jackett or the squad then they should ask whether it’s better to leave expensive resources jogging around Compton away from the first team.

Simply put, if they don’t play no one will buy them for sure. I feel for Kenny Jackett in this situation, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Throughout this he needs the full support of the chairman and the chief executive.

The next few weeks will be interesting

Ciao For Now,



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