Posted by: docdenbow | August 10, 2013

Daft Things Annoy

One day I may grow up. You know, stop having mood swings like I’m still a hormonal 14 year old suffering from terminal acme and confused sexuality. I have the odd episode of black moods now and again, this last one lasted a couple of days and thankfully it passed. Well that’s not true, I made it pass; sent it on its’ way if you like.

Unlike some loonies (I’m definitely one) I need a trigger to send me into a black mood. I don’t just fall into a terminal sulk without a bloody good reason. I may be a bit of a loony but I’m not a complete briefcase. (or is it basketcase?) What it was will seem so trivial to you, but it felt like a real punch in the face to me.

I have a Facebook account and people I work with share photos and other such pointless info. Usually posts consist of such riveting information as to what they are about to eat, or where they are and all that. Well the other night a chap from work tagged a picture of the cover of a Red Hot Chili Peppers EP. How can that cause a black mood. I’ll tell you shall I? It was the price label that was still on the sodding cover of this record. It was from the place where I worked that bloody well damn nearly ruined my life. I don’t want to go on and on about it but it really upset me.

The very fact that something like that could put me into such a state of mind that this entire blog nearly got deleted from WordPress and my work in progress novel nearly went the same way. Neither thing happened, I saw sense and after emailing a chap I  know from Bilston I felt better. I just wrote out my frustrations and once released that way I feel free (for the time being at least) of those demons.

I don’t know whether this chappie has read the email. To be honest it began as an answer to points he’d made on a blog post and I felt email was the most appropriate way of answering. It certainly rattles a few skeletons in my closet.


Ciao For Now




  1. Its ok to be mad. Its how you deal with it that separates you from the man shouting at pigeons in the park. 🙂 Learn coping mechanisms, I drink and write. Maybe you smoke and write. Try a kit-kat and a coffee, can work just as well.

    • I wonder sometimes whether it’s these anti convulsants I take that mess with my moods. You’re right though about coping. Think, learn, accept and move on.

      if you’re bored Google Lamictal and Epilim, may explain a lot as i’m taking a huge amount of Epilim

      • Some anti-epilepsy drugs can give you almost bi-polar symptoms. Just keep on top of things and always pester the GP if you aint feeling good.

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