Posted by: docdenbow | August 4, 2013

(Doctor) Who Cares?

Dateline 4th August 2013 11:00 a.m.

Just been scanning the newspaper sites on my phone and I’ve been sadly drawn to the same article over and over again just paraphrased in one article after the other. Yes telly fans they’re all about the burning question as to who will be the next Dr Who when Matt Smith finally moves on. Now I have to lay my cards on the table here. When Chris Ecclestone led the way in bringing The Doctor back to life I thought that he was irreplaceable. In came David Tennant and made The Doctor a brilliant three dimensional character. He too decided that enough was enough and handed over the reins to Matt Smith. Now when he became The Doctor most people said Who? (no pun intended) I watched a few episodes then drifted away. In fairness I don’t think it was really Matt Smith’s fault; not entirely. He had a very tough, nay impossible act to follow as Tennant, in almost everyone’s eyes, was the perfect Doctor. Yet for all his efforts Smith wasn’t really the problem. The problem was the scripts. In my view they were terrible which left Matt Smith running around like a little boy lost (he was) trying to make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear.

So does it really matter who is going to replace him? Probably not as the most important thing here is the standard of writing. If an actor isn’t given anything good to work with then he’s going to struggle. Names have been bandied about as to the next Doctor’s identity. Some possible, some so outrageous that they defy all logic, unless you count the logical thought of someone with an A-Level in Gallifreyan history. My own view is that they’ll pick someone who the public at large has never heard of or an aging thespian with a career on life support. An established young actor is hardly likely to think playing The Doctor is anything more than a way to make a quick buck. For God’s sake someone looking for a steady wage may as well go and work in a Soap or on the tills in a supermarket. The real question is, do we really care? I don’t think we do? With good scripts even a poor actor could carry off the role with aplomb. If the scripts continue to be the same turgid nonsense that Matt Smith has had to work with then I for one won’t be watching.

At the end of the day the Dr. Who fanboys will have a little moan about whoever is given the job, but will carry on filling their internet forums with chatter that will be as pointless and nerdy as ever endlessly discussing plots and continuity errors and hidden messages and subplots.

We await the announcement from 7:00 pm tonight.

Beats waiting to find out the identity of the next Pope.

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  1. I also lost interest once David Tennant left, and I agree that the problem seems to lie in the writing. Now it feels like a kids programme whereas before it had universal appeal with a distinct undercurrent of ‘stuff for the grown ups that the kids won’t get’. I also won’t forgive the buggers for cutting out my effort as an extra in the Xmas special! I was robbed! ;-p

    • What??? When it was filmed by Dirty Dora’s?

      • Lol now that would be something special 😀

  2. You hit the net like I’ve never agreed with before here Denbow. The writing has become hacked and stapled and turgid and formulaic. We all kinda work out the ending ten minutes into an hour long show because we can see the cause and effect weakness of the basic stories offered to us. Matt Smith is a better actor than we are allowed to see in this series, Tennant and Ecclestone were (IMO) brilliant at the doctor and also brilliant at not being defined by the role in their careers, which is always good to see in great actors. The new guy, the angry moaning guy from that politics guff off the telly. Good luck to him. (Peter Capaldi) he’ll certainly keep the franchise going and will do a great job but the scripts have to match the man. If they don’t we’ll see a Doctor who’ll fuck off very quickly. Maybe its time for the BBC to rest Dr Who like they have previously for many years, and come up with some great ideas or ask us to write them a new f###ing show! We could sort it mucker! Wanna write a episode or a spoof for the lulz? 🙂 Peace!

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