Posted by: docdenbow | August 2, 2013

Word Pollution And Verbal Diarrhoea

Before you say things like “Den you think too much,” I’ve been thinking…….

There was an article in The Guardian the other written by Charlie Brooker. It is called “Too much talk for one planet: why I’m reducing my word emissions.” In it he says that he is going to cut down the number of columns that he writes there. He doesn’t make it exactly crystal clear why. My best guess is that in between writing “A Touch Of Cloth,” “Black Mirror,” stuff for the “10 O’Clock Show” and of course “Screenwipe” he doesn’t have time. He has a wife and a baby and rather than the little one growing up thinking that his Daddy is some faceless monster crouched in front of a PC making clicking noises he will be spending time with him and of course his wife.

So where does little paragraph lead? It leads simply to the notion that I have been adding stuff here for the sake of it. Adding things when I really have little to say, which has led to the uneven quality and general unevenness of what makes it here. I’ve wondered why I do it. I think I have the answer. I don’t want to be accused of blog cruelty or blog neglect. What I’ve ended up doing is taking this blog out to the park even when it’s hammering down with rain and forcing crap out of myself; not unlike going to the toilet.

On a previous post I asked the question “Am I A Writer, Columnist, Novelist Or Blogger?” I’ve just read it back and it’s not exactly good as it doesn’t really address the question in the title. In fact it’s a pile of whingeing smelly stuff. I aim here to redress the balance and attempt to answer the those questions, for me mainly, but if you are interested climb onboard it’ll be a nice ride.

  • Am I A Writer?

I write, and I write lots. I write here on this blog. I’ve written short stories and laid out outlines for novels. Definite yes to that that one.

  • Am I A Columnist?

Wikipedia’s definition is
“A columnist is someone who writes for publication in a series, creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions. Columns appear in newspapers, magazines and other publications, including blogs.”
So am I in or out? Not sure. I think to be a regular columnist you need to get paid (it certainly helps.) Maybe if I didn’t post in such a scattergun then perhaps my posts could be called “columns” but all in all I think the answer to that is a great fat “Nope.”

  • Am I A Novelist?

That’s quite simple I have never written a novel, although I am trying at the moment. when I’ve finished when I can finish what I’m working on the answer will be “Yes” but right now the answer must by definition be “No.”

  • Am I A Blogger?

The answer to this is a straightforward “Yes.” However, it’s a “Yes” with a few qualifications. As I blog, I am a blogger. Is my Blog influential? Afraid not. Do I have many readers? In truth not really. Do I care? That’s a very difficult one to answer.

I went through a phase where I was obsessed with the number of hits, stats and all of that stuff.
In fact I wrote constantly about Wolverhampton Wanderers for a few weeks and got loads of hits. 629 in one day. I became a stat whore writing not because I enjoy it but to acquire a massive (for me) hit count. I realised pretty quickly that was not the way forward, as a result the number of hits declined sharply. this wasn’t helped by a few “pissed off” posts which only served to alienate the few regular reader that I had.

So what now? With my project of writing a novel being my real and true focus, I have decided that I will continue to add my thoughts here, but I’m not going to write for the sake it just to keep the hit counter clicking. I intend to post fairly regularly on my Diary page, and all that will serve to be is a barometer of how I feel; triumphs and tragedies, that kind of thing.

With all of that in mind,

Ciao For Now




  1. Hi Doc, you keep blogging, I’ll keep reading. But I may not always visit your site to comment and add to your stats.
    I’m still waiting to see how you’re going to tie those six disparate paragraphs, with their characters, together in the novel. Regards, Baz

    • That “Return To Caswell Bay” will possibly be in Novel 2 (ambitious I know) as the one i am writing is set in 2002 and that is set now-ish….ten years later…

      I’m working hard at it….I’ll be posting progress reports but will be keeping this to myself as I’d like to submit to a publisher or go the Kindle route.

      I can but dream….and thanks for reading

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