Posted by: docdenbow | July 27, 2013

My Pink Radio iPod Dock Gizmo Thingy

Recently, I have been forgetting to watch TV. I’ve been doing other things which are more interesting and more emotionally and intellectually stimulating. In truth, I’ve been pretty self indulgent sitting at my virtual typewriter writing. I’m working at my novel and I aim to self publish as soon as I reasonably can, Christmas hopefully.. Yet I don’t suppose you care one finely fettled fetlock about my ambition to see a book of mine published. Anyway, whilst I’ve been typing away (and I refuse to bore you with the details) I’ve been playing some music. As we have a table located in our kitchen, I decided to write there (no jokes about kitchen sink dramas) Having decided that, I purchased from the Bay of E a fine little radio that also serves as an iPod dock, so that I could play music as background ambience and to drown out the weird noises that emanate from our fridge and freezer.

All good so far. All good apart from one little thing. The radio iPod dock gizmo thingy is pink. Very pink indeed. I have had this fact pointed out to be like I am a colour blind buffoon. I am very aware that the radio iPod dock gizmo thingy is pink. Initially I stated that I did not care that the radio iPod dock gizmo thingy is pink, I was firmly stating that I bought it due to its utility (and price £7.19 including £5 postage) and the colour was irrelevant. I have been the butt of good natured jibes regarding the radio iPod dock gizmo thingy and its’ colour, most of which were along the lines of

“It’s a bit of a convoluted way to step from the closet.”

My reply?

“Bog off I love my pink radio iPod dock gizmo thingy – so there.”


Anyway as I have sat at the kitchen table typing away I have been playing some music on my newly cherished radio iPod dock gizmo thingy. There is some music that doesn’t fall into the category of being idle accompaniment to writing. Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Napalm Death are names that immediately spring to mind. Those beat combos are not really to my taste at the best of times so I flicked through the 100 gig of music that I have on my iPod (60 gig free) to see what I could play. Knowing what I can be like, taking hours to decide I quickly decided on Bryan Ferry’s fabulous *As Time Goes By* album, an album of old “standards” beautifully performed. At the conclusion of this, I moved on to Pat Metheny and *What’s It All About.* This too is an album of cover versions, this time as guitar instrumentals. Both albums I found were fantastic at setting the right mood and environment necessary for me. Once those two albums finished I closed the lid of my laptop knowing that I’d done all that I could in nearly two hours and achieved what I set out to do.

I’m looking to the following days and months at the kitchen table not only for the satisfaction that the writing gives me, but also the joy and privilege of being able to listen some great music.

Ciao For Now




  1. Groovy! I listen to music as I write too mate. I can’t just sit in silence and write, I go insane. I’m not as posh though. I have iTunes on my PC and listen to that. A bit of REM or Metallica is always good I find.

    • I prefer laid back stuff when I’m writing, Metallica is a bit much for me

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