Posted by: docdenbow | July 23, 2013

Get Right Back To Where I Started

In 1999 I decided that I wanted to write. Just for me, just for fun. I wrote little bits and pieces and put them on a website that I had via Freeserve. (remember them?) They were my attempts at writing something funny, bizarre and outlandish. Some of the things I wrote were okay. Some were pretty crap. I managed to lose most of the pieces down the years so I can’t read them back to judge for myself whether they were good or bad.

Two things remain. One is a little 1500 word tale of a bloke waking up on Christmas Eve after a particularly heavy night on the booze. The other is the remnants of my first attempt at a novel. It originally called “A Life In Music” and then I called it “Hospitals Don’t Have Bars.” The titles weren’t important but over the course of a matter of weeks I banged out 45000 words. (Is that a lot? Dunno *shrugs*) I knew as I was writing it that it was of uneven quality, but I also knew that the good bits were pretty ok. One day I printed it all off to show somebody or other. I was rather proud of myself, page after page of MY writing. In fact I was as they say *a bit up my own arse* but there you go.

Then came the fall after the pride. Inevitable really. I was a computer numpty and as a result of using some piece of software that came free with a PC magazine I ran a programme called duplicate finder, or something insanely similar to free up space on my 3.2 gig hard drive. I have no idea to this day what I did what I did, but managed to successfully delete the boot sector of the operating system. I had no one to turn to and without access to the internet via my lightning fast 56k connection I was what is commonly known as Donald Ducked. Reluctantly and, I don’t mind admitting it, tearfully I reinstalled Windows thus losing the soft copy of my novel. OCR software was pretty crap back then and faced with typing the whole lot up again I gave up. I stopped writing altogether.

I messed around trying to build websites and promptly lost interest. Then in early 2011 I started this blog. Mainly due to the fact that WordPress makes it really easy to build a pretty attractive and functional website. Anyway, I didn’t really know what to write about and the blog pretty much lurched along. Then, in July 2011 I had (another) epiletic fit and for a couple of months I wrote bugger all. Then in September I wrote something deeply personal Epilepsy My Story and somehow a by product of this was that I found my *voice.* So from then on I have written, almost exclusively about me. My opinions, my thoughts and so one. Yet for all of this and having great days when my blog pulled in huge numbers of readers I still felt, very pretentiously, that I am really a novelist, a writer of great fiction. I started this and that and even got a good bit into what will be my second novel “A Return to Caswell Bay.” My mate Jay pointed out to me yesterday that I start too many things all at the same time and don’t really concentrate on any to see them through to the end.

Today I have given a lot of thought to what Jay said. Now given that I written about 600 words since I started this (10:00 pm to 10:31 pm) then rewriting 45000 words and editing and improving what I have doesn’t sound so daunting. I’m looking at about 45 > 50 hours to get back what I lost. So that is what I’m going to do. I put so much work into “A Life In Music”/“Hospitals Don’t Have Bars” that I owe it to myself and the novel itself to see it through to a conclusion.

Anyway @bilstonjay Bilston Jay’s Blog Is Here you’ve done me a great favour – got me to focus on and finish my novel that I started in 1999.

For that I thank you.

Ciao For Now



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