Posted by: docdenbow | June 14, 2013

Assumptions, I Wonder……….

Assumptions are very, very dangerous things. Your life at the moment may be tickety-boo, you assume that this tickety-booness will continue forever. However, in life tickety-booness is not the constant that we in our blinkered way just assume that it is. We make assumptions that our individual and sometimes collective tickety-booness will not be disrupted. Nothing bad’s going to happen to me/us is it? True we may not get to achieve our dreams of untold wealth and all that goes with it, but that’s okay as life can be just tickety-boo without all wildest dreams being fulfilled. We can just move along with our lives and everything is tickety-boo.

Well no, it isn’t really is it? Collectively, unless we are thick or living permanently in an alcohol or narcotic stupor everything isn’t tickety-boo. There lurks in our psyche a nagging feeling that something in our lives may go wrong and the tickety-booness will be destroyed. With most same people this thought of things going wrong can be taken as realizing what they have, appreciating it and doing all that they can to preserve it. Other individuals think that they’re only happy and having a good life by sheer luck, and it worries them. Gradually, inexorably, it puts them into a position where they are not only ruining a perfectly good life, but also making themselves and those around them unhappy.

I suppose it’s a bit an “Optimist Vs Pessimist” type of thing, where a pessimist will see a half empty glass and an optimist will see one with plenty of room for vodka and thus PARTY TIME!!

I think that we are all a combination of the two, speaking for myself I hate these constantly chirpy upbeat life and soul of the party types. There are several reasons, in fact far too many to list here. In fact on the very rare occasions that I go to a party (haven’t been to one in 35 years or so) or go to a place where is dancing, I absolutely loathe being cajoled in an effort to get me to strut my funky stuff. Those days are long behind me for reasons far too complex and self revealing to tell you, the readers of my blog, all about. Suffice to say that if I wanted to dance then I would, but I don’t, so I won’t. Can I dance? Well I could when I was young, and I guess with a bit of practice that I could again. It’s not that I’m afraid I’d be stared at, couldn’t give a toss about that to be honest.

I’m drifting from what I wanted to say here…….

Assumptions, people make assumptions about each other. If someone isn’t inanely grinning, but are quiet it is assumed that they are unhappy. There are people out there who on a day to day level appear to be happy, they rarely complain to those around them about their state of mind. Yet both of these two types of individuals have assumptions made about them. I think that it’s because it is easier to assume than it is to actually care. Do we ever truly enquire about how the other feels, and if we do are the shutters raised and the gates locked pushing people away from our cloak of privacy?

How many of us carry deep within us ancient regrets, guilt and mourn for missed opportunities? How many of us live in the here and now, never looking back and never dwelling on things?

I wonder?

Ciao For Now




  1. Very true Doc. I was thinking about this the other day too. Life is about constant change and struggle and rebirth and regrowth and nothing is forever. Not a way of life, nor a life, nor even a planet or a solar system. It’ll all come to an end one day. Human beings are creatures who like to think they know what the future may hold or think they have control but really we live in a universe of chaos and we are all just a blink away from a lottery win, being homeless or even losing our lives in a simple moment of accidental chance. Pessimism is a more real state of mind. Optimists always hope for a better life or a better job or more money etc but I think life is all about enjoying the moment in time we get to look around at the Earth and life, find a few people to love and rub along with and hope the journey is interesting and full of good people with good hearts at their core. Peace! PS the glass is always half empty in my house. 😉

  2. PPS I always assumed you were a pessimistic old hippy. Thats why I like you.

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