Posted by: docdenbow | June 8, 2013

Picking Up A 2p Piece With Your Toes

I have decided that with the weather, and the changes with the clothing that we wear that I am going to hone a skill that I have held for many years. That skill is somewhat pointless, but once mastered satisfactorily will not doubt give me hours of pleasure. As the weather at the time of writing has improved to summer like proportions it has offered me the opportunity to wear three types of footwear not normally seen in winter, especially when one is male.

  • Crocs
  • Sandals
  • Flip Flops

Now I feel it necessary at this point that I don’t go for iffy copies of the real deal, my Crocs (two pairs) are real Crocs, my sandals were manufactured by Clarks and my Flip Flops are made by Gravis. None of your rubbish for me. There is one unbreakable rule when wearing this type of footwear. Socks are not permitted. Socks (when not injured) when wearing any of the aforementioned footwear the opposite of de rigueur, whatever that may be. In addition the wearing of socks will greatly impede the speed that you can make your feet nude in order that they may help you in your day to day tasks at home, at work and at play in way that is more than just conveying you to the kitchen, printer or pub. I discovered many years ago that those things on the end of your legs can be trained to help you and make your life easier.

Picking an assortment of objects up from the floor is what I’m talking about

I am currently working my way through an assortment of objects that I can raise from the ground and have had success with sundry ball point pens and my HTC Desire S for example. I had a few spare moments today so I went for the big one. A 2p piece. It took a moment or two to work out the best plan of attack. The Queen was doing her best to avoid looking at the slow yet steady approach of my toes. I hovered above and the Queen was looking less than amused. I moved in and failed! My trusty right foot and it’s little digits was letting me down – badly. I decided to give it a good talking to and then tried with my left foot. First attempt and the recalcitrant coin was raised from the ground and deposited in my hand. My right foot was now pretty jealous and demanded another go and fair dos managed to do the job much better than his slightly bigger brother.

I am wondering whether I should make a list of all of the things that I have managed to pick up, but have decided against that. It would be pointless, as pointless as writing a blog post about picking up sundry objects using one’s toes. I wonder if I created a channel showing all the various objects that I can lift would be a YouTube sensation? Well, I very much doubt that as there are people out there who paint pictures with their feet, and the picking up of a mobile phone does seem a bit pathetic. Besides that Mrs Denbow, as with just about everything I try to, can do the picking up of stuff using toes far better than me.

But I’m in secret training….you won’t let on will you?

Ciao For Now




  1. The main question is Doc, can you hang from a tree branch yet? My missus reckons I could peel a banana with my feet! Maybe I could do that as a video response to your new foot picky up channel if you do it? Take it easy, Jay.

    • My ability is still a work in progress and I am content to work my way through sundry bits n pieces to test myself…

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