Posted by: docdenbow | May 12, 2013

This Is What I’m Going To Do Now The Football Season Is Over

Now that we are in a fallow period for the mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, I must turn my thoughts away from soccer-kickball so that I may enjoy the brief respite from stress that I will derive from not having to watch the Wolves games or read about them.

Now as summer approaches, we can all look away from soccer-kickball and begin to enjoy that little diversion that is called life. Take me, for example, I’m getting to the stage in my life where if I don’t try to do something to improve my fitness, then I’ll be so unfit and old that I won’t be able to. I used ride a bike, 20 to 30 miles 2 or 3 times a week. These weren’t sedate flask and sandwiches jaunts, oh no sirree, these were short sharp shocks of cycling endeavour. That was about 5 years ago and came to an end when I “lost my bottle.” I went out on my bike alone and had an epileptic fit whilst in the saddle. fortunately I was on a cycle path when it happened, so I didn’t get munched by passing traffic, but it did rather scare me. I did go out on the bike alone again, just to prove I could, but all of that desire to ride seemed to fade, especially as autumn and winter was approaching.

Having had my driving licence returned to me, I now have the confidence to get the bike out and pedal away, but I have no real desire to do so. I can drive now, so I drive – everywhere. Also, I used to go pedalling early in the evening with a friend, but now as I work from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm 5 days a week then the evenings are out. Mornings would be good, but I’d be out on my own and I know I’d just get fed up and give up pretty quickly.

So what to do? Swimming really is my thing, you may be able to jog on your own or cycle on your own, I can’t – I just get bored. I can swim alone and I do live in Swansea which is home to the Wales National Pool so I think I may have to take the plunge both physically and metaphorically speaking and force myself up and down the lengths. You know when I was in my 30’s I used to swim 2,000 metres on a Friday night. Okay it wasn’t exactly quick and at 5’6 I’m not built to be a speedster in the pool, but I felt pretty toned and fit pretty quickly. Now, like then, I’ll need to build slowly up to that sort of distance, and maybe my 2,000 metre days are behind me, but unless I try I’ll never know.

Since the last visitation of epilepsy, I have pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. I have 2 or 3 pints once a week when I go out to do the pub quiz in my local pub (and it is a local pub for local people, there’s nothing for you there) and feel much better for it both physically and in my state of mind. As I want to begin swimming it’s about time I packed in smoking. Like many have said, “It’s easy I’ve done it several times before.” The thing is, itisn’t. There’s a habit about smoking that has little to do with nicotine craving. Without going overboard with salacious double entendres, you do get used to periodically sticking something between your lips and giving it a good suck. That’s the real habit that needs to be broken. A fag and a coffee? Stick to the coffee, or drink something else to break the association. Forget the fag after meals, it’s yukky. Cigarette after sex, give up sex – that’s easy if you’ve been married nearly 20 years. If you find going cold turkey far too difficult try one of those “E-Cigarettes.” You get the same nicotine fix without all of the tar and chemicals, besides if you buy one of the big vaping kits you may pack in altogether as sucking away on something that looks not unlike a device that a proctologist would ram into someone’s arse can be a little embarrassing and put you off a tad.

If I can hit those targets I may succeed in preventing myself feeling tired and shagged out after the most minimal physical exertion. The thought of DIY is terrifying as I know I would pay the price the next day. However, my slow but steady exercise in the Wales National Pool may rekindle a lust for life’s more physical pursuits and DIY.

Summer approaches and the beaches of the Gower Peninsula once more sing their siren call. My favourite really is Rhossili Bay with it’s sweeping expanse and is the finest beach in Wales, the Uk and possibly the world. (That’s not bullsh*t either it’s a fact, just have a search on Google Images) I really ought to get down there again, even it just for a walk across the sands and watch the surfers in the huge waves. That’s pretty entertaining in itself and some of the skills of the surfers themselves are breathtaking.

Who knows, if I can get a little fitter I may assist the Marie Curie Cancer Care World Record attempt sometime where Llangennith (part of Rhossili Bay) hosts attempts on this world record. They seem to have a bash at beating it every year or so. Oh aye, it’s the World Record for the number of skinny dippers in the sea at the same time, it stands at 413 at the moment. If I hit the sea at 10 .am. at the moment it’d probably finish me off.

It’d be a laugh and a once in a lifetime experience – besides you only live once don’t you?

Ciao For Now,



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  1. A good well written read as always.

    • Thanks for having a look, much appreciated.

      Will try to do what I’ve said here.

      ALL OF IT! ;0)

  2. Sounds like we’re both on the same path to fitness, I hope you have more luck than I am.

    • I currently weigh 13 stone, which puts me in the cruiserweight class.

      Not good!

      Ideally an 11 stone super welterweight (or less) as I’m only 5’6″

      • According to that Doc my weight is OK I just need to grow two feet. Time to get the rack out!

  3. My weight is around 130 last time I weighed which to me is to much. I usually weigh 125 or less and the only time I went skinny deeping I was 21 I am 56. Can’t say I agree with you abut sex, I was married to my husband 15 1/2 years before he died. And my fiance’ and I are going to get married soon. I’d take sex over a cigeratte any day. I’ve smoked a couple times burt not enough to say I really smoked. I don’t get hooked on it. My fiance’ likes my weight though but it wouldn’t hurt to keep it down. Not sure how much you mean when you say you weigh 13 stone. Don’t know what a stone measurement is equal to.

    • Well, to address your last question first! I’m 5’6″ and I weigh about 180. I know that sounds a lot, but believe me I’m not fat! (not really anyway!) True to say I could lose a few pounds or a stone (14 ibs) or so, but I have a sedentary job and at 54 I don’t feel like exercising as much as I should.

      At the moment I’m largely using one of those electronic cigarettes to help me leave cigarettes well alone and that really helps. Better to stay hooked on nicotine than cigarettes I say.

      Anyway keep in touch. Shall I send you an email so that we can “talk” privately? I don’t think passing email addresses out on a blog are really a good idea.

      Hope your forthcoming wedding is a great day for you….

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