Posted by: docdenbow | May 10, 2013

Dear Wolves Players “SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT”

So, we have have made it to the season’s end and the inevitable has happened. It *Hello Stevenage* and the fall from grace is complete. In the end two goals from Kazenga LuaLua gave Brighton victory and cemented a second successive relegation for Wolves. I have written articles painting pictures of doom and gloom and relegations and divisions between players and fans. In many things in my life I take joy in being proved correct, this time not so. I have seen this crash coming for a while especially since the appointment of Dean Saunders. Dean was to be no light at the end of the tunnel, merely an oncoming Express Train.

Sitting over our pints we’ll weep at first with sadness, yet this sadness will soon be replaced by an impotent rage at how Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have managed to fall so far, so hard, so quickly. Playing the “blame game” is futile, yet there are individuals who should look very hard at themselves and then look at the disappointed faces of the Fans. Yes, there was a lunatic fringe who took to the pitch after another capitulation, this time against Burnley, and whilst I do not defend the behaviour, the sentiments expressed were entirely understandable. Yes, when things go wrong, everyone wants someone to find a “pantomime villain,” and in Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey the Fans have found their targets. The “buck” has to stop somewhere, and because Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey are the owner and Chief Executive then it’s fair to say that they should be right in the line of fire.

These two men are the ultimate decision makers. They decide on what money is invested, how and where. They thrash out contracts and buy and sell players as identified by the Manager. That’s all very well and good but they, and they alone hire and fire these managers. Between these two of limited footballing intellect, they have made in the space of 14 or 15 months some truly catastrophic decisions.

Morgan charges into Wolves’ dressing room after a defeat against Liverpool to berate the players on a poor performance. (Feb 2012)
Sacking Mick McCarthy a couple of weeks later (Feb 2012)
Appointment Terry Connor as Manager. (Feb 2012)
Appointment of Ståle Solbakken (May 2012)
Replacing Ståle Solbakken with Dean Saunders (Jan 2013)

It just strikes me quite clearly that many/most/all of these decisions have been taken without either a long term plan, or even a what if (this happens or that happens?)

I personally think that the time the rot really set in for Wolves was on the evening that Wolves lost a home to Liverpool on Tuesday 31 January 2012. I would also guess that it was about 9:30 in the evening. That was the time that Steve Morgan went into the players’ dressing room to express his “disappointment” at the result and performance.

It was at this point, that if a dressing room can be lost, then it was gone for good. Builders overruling Team Managers on the quality of performances is not on. The dressing room is a place that the Owner should only visit by request or invitation rather than barging because he owns The Gaff. An irreconcilable rift between the players and the club was opened that day, and the fans have proved to be no more than collateral damage.

So now that the unthinkable has happened, Wolves have to rebuild. Without wholesale changes there is no way forward.The first of these wholesale changes has been made with Dean Saunders being given the old heave-ho. That, my friends is all very well, but given the whole corrosive culture at the club who will want to come him and replace him? There are several contenders being discussed on the fan forums like Mickey Adams, Owen Coyle, Steve Davis, Darren Ferguson, Kenny Jackett, Gary Megson and Karl Robinson. There are merits to appointing each and every one of these chappies, but will any of them really want the job? Some of these chaps have “been around the block” so to speak, and will know not only of the Wolves’ reputation, but also of Wolves’ other reputation. Think about that one.

Here’s my take, Wolves have a reputation as a well run club. So well run that they sacked a manager without having the slightest idea as to who would take over. A financially solvent and relatively wealthy club who would seemingly rather have the best stadium in the Blue Square league than a decent team. A Chairman/Owner who is a Liverpool supporter and a CEO who I just don’t like as he is a bit fat and his hair is over gelled (or is it Brylcreem?)

The players. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy the players. How many at the end of this train crash of a season can hold their heads up and say that they are worth what they are being paid? We Wolves fans can see that several members of the squad are overpaid tossers who only care about their fat salaries and local celebrity status because they are part of the team. There’s a simple answer to that.

I believe that the entire squad at Wolves needs to be dismantled and reassembled in order to make any steps forward. There are one or two players who can redeem themselves, but it is one or two. In my mind there is a poisonous triumvirate, the unholy trinity who must be forced from the club by ANY means necessary. I’ll it to you to work out who these three are. The new man coming in must be allowed to shuffle the pack and not just trim the squad to keep the Fat Greaseball happy. Yes, cut away the crap, but some of it will need to be replaced.

Whoever comes is as manager will be under enormous pressure and scrutiny from the start. I do not want to hear torrents of sh*t coming from this new guy’s mouth and I don’t want a left back playing as a striker and a striker playing left back? I want areas where Wolves have been crap for five years to be fixed. I want a manager who knows what he’s doing. I want a manager strong enough to send the gobsh*tes in the squad to train alone until they learn their place and I want the Chairman and CEO to listen to what a manager who knows about football says. I want to see a situation where no player is allowed to speak to the Chairman or CEO without the manager being present.


Ciao For Now



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