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Wolves & The Fat Bloke In The Pub (And The CEO)

I have written on here in the past few weeks various articles, blog posts, call them what you will about Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Foisting my opinions on the world wide web for all to see. Maybe I write a lot of crap, maybe I don’t; but I write because I care. Even if I get called a tw*t by one highly articulate fellow, I’ll still keep posting. If you disagree or think my ideas are rubbish, then let’s enter into dialogue, and dialogue does go further than calling someone a tw*t. I’ve had the odd t*t have a pop and I was caught when I was at a low ebb, but b*ll*cks who cares what they think? They’re thick. They must be -because they (like me) support The Wolves.Denbow

Who cares what I think? I don’t know. What makes me even consider that I am qualified to pass any sort of comment on the plight of The Wolves? Ego? No! I’m a fan! I have my thoughts and opinions and whilst some of my ideas are so impractical that reality will not only bite them, it will gobble them up, others maybe not so.

So below here are links to some of the “cr*p” posts that have led to me being called a tw*t and suchlike. Have a read sometime and you may well agree that I’m a tw*t, but then again you may think that I’m making some valid points. I don’t know whether they’re not cr*p by the way.

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Thick Skinned & Earning Money for Old Rope – Welcome To The Wolves

The Murder Of Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Wolves & Swansea – What Went Wrong & What Went Right

I Am A Wolves Fan & Proud To Be So

Now then, whilst I really have no illusions that I am a brilliantly insightful sports journalist, I do believe that many of the points I have made are valid (if a little obvious and trite) Yet the venom I have received from fellow fans for having the sheer effrontery to write stuff, and inviting them to read, makes me realize how an element of The Wolves players actually feel – that what they’re trying to do is unappreciated so why bother having any pride? Of all the clubs up and down the country I really believe Wolves would be Champions League qualifiers for fickle and critical fans. Booing players at the end of an abject performance is just one way to try to get a reaction out of the players, the trouble is even when Wolves have been doing okay in the recent past, some Fat, recently tanked up, Bloke believes his lexiconic knowledge of football makes him a football manager. Fat Bloke knows it all. He knew McCarthy was crap, he knew Connor was crap, he knew Solbakken was crap and he even knows Saunders is crap. He knows all, for he is after all is said and done, a Fat Bloke in a pub.

The big problem for Wolves is that there are at least 15,000 of these Fat Blokes turning up for every home game. These geniuses can only ever see what is going wrong and never what is going right. They won’t even admit that anything is ever going right. Ulterior motives and conspiracy theories abound and Fat Bloke has an answer for it all. He sinks another pint of Banks’s and carries on talking of the *rape* of the club by the money-men, pausing only to nip out side to further blacken his lungs and tinge his fingers yellow by smoking another Benson. When he comes back he’s forgotten what he was talking about and starts boring everyone about Kenny Hibbit, Mike Bailey and how he met Derek Dougan once when he went out for posh nosh at The Mount.

Now the sh*t has hit the fan and Fat Bloke and his ilk don’t know which way to turn. There are so many targets, the owner, the CEO, the board, the managers, the coaching staff, the players the chap who cuts the grass and the tea lady. Fat Bloke is confused as he’s now unsure as to who he can blame. Then he remembers (and he won’t go out for a Benson this time)

It’s a conspiracy.

A betting coup? Too far fetched! Money laundering? No! The Freemasons? Crazy! The Men Who Killed Kennedy? You’re nuts! The Apollo Moon landings? Bizarre!

No – none of the above. As a Fat Bloke he knows a lot of stuff about these things as in his lonely room after the pubs have closed he trawls the internet looking at various sites about football, high finance and hardcore pornography and has the knowledge of the world. But, and it is a big but. A very big but indeed. He knows everything and he knows absolutely nothing.

He hasn’t managed yet to work out the reason that The Wolves have fallen so spectacularly. It’s quite simple really. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC are not very good at football. I checked that out by looking at the league table and finding out that they haven’t got very many points. It was the same last season, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC were not very good at football then, the club has sold good players and as a result turned a poor team into a significantly worse one.


So what’s the way forward? At the moment there’s only one man who knows that. It’s not Fat Bloke, it’s none other than Steve Morgan. It’s all down to him what happens to Wolves now.

Will he try to sell?
Will he sack Dean Saunders?
Will he insist on a complete overhaul of the playing staff?
Will he give Jez Moxey an almighty b*ll*cking for player contract mismangement?

He won’t sell, he’s unlikely to sack Saunders, he’ll want Saunders to build his own team and I hope he’s furious with his very own Fat Bloke.

The next few weeks will be interesting.

Ciao For Now




  1. Funny and true.. But the fat bloke in the pub you are referring too does actually know more about football than either Moxey or Morgan.. and that my friend is the problem….Businessmen yes football people NO! and that is their problem ! If the 15000 fat blokes you refer to hadn’t been turning up this season where would the club be now… Bankcrupt !!

    • Nige,

      if you dig into some of the links you’ll see I am not merely lampooning the Wolves faithful…..

      Thanks for looking and commenting



    Though times to be a Wolves fan! The new manager and the new staff will be so important. League One will be difficult enough. The mentally challenge is written on the wall!

    vargas12 dott com

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