Posted by: docdenbow | April 27, 2013

I Am A Wolves Fan & Proud To Be So

There I’ve said it. These days saying *I am a Wolves fan* is brave, especially if you have to say it in front of football fans whose loyalties lie with a different club. Saying *I am a Wolves fan* in the Moon Under Water in Lichfield Street or the Posada just up the road will give immediate kinship as you weep, side by side, into to your pints. Aunties, Grandmas and women generally disinterested in football will try to cheer up their menfolk in Wolverhampton, but that will prove to be a difficult task.

If you say *I am a Wolves fan* when you are not surrounded by other Wolves fans you will either be pitied or laughed at. To be honest were I not a Wolves fan then I’m not sure whether I’d laugh at or show pity towards this wretched fool who goes to his local pub in Swansea wearing his Wolves top with pride. So there you are, I am a Wolves fan who lives in Swansea and I get the p*ss taken out of me unmercifully just because when asked what team I support then I reply *I am a Wolves fan,* and the locals shake their heads and snigger into their pints of Brains Reverend James leaving me silent and alone with head bowed.Wolves - Paying For The Sins Of The Past

I’ve spent time on this blog before, writing about how Swansea City has been run and how Wolves has been run and will continue to be run unless the clowns in charge of the football and the finances are removed forthwith. I’ve also spent time placing blame for the failure of the club to maintain Championship status fairly and squarely on the shoulders of those I feel are culpable. The problem with apportioning blame, and there are many to blame for the situation that Wolves are in at the moment, is that it is easy. Even Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey could stand on the gallows and state unequivocally that they are to blame for the position that Wolves are in. Dean Saunders could accept and acknowledge that he is useless and fall upon his sword. The players could admit that they are all namby pamby overpaid journeymen and collectively tear up their contracts.

A blame game is not the way forward. Wolves are relegated (in all but name) as I write this. Even if some miraculous turn of events occurs and Wolves stay in the Championship next season a complete top to bottom overhaul of Wolverhampton Wanderers is required. Mr Morgan is a key figure in all of this, without his commitment (and money) Wolves basically have no future. If we are to assume that Mr Morgan is committed then there are a few key decisions that he, and he alone must make.

Mr Morgan needs to get the fans behind him if Wolves are to rise from the unmitigated disaster that has been the 2012/2013 season. There are universally unpopular figures whose salaries are a drain on the resources of the club. To remove these individuals from the club Mr Morgan will have to, if necessary, negotiate the termination of contracts of those with little to offer or whose salaries are not commensurate with their abilities. By trimming the fat away and taking a financial hit Mr Morgan’s future financial fiscal policies could be better controlled.

Talking of trimming the fat away I do think that the removal of Mr Moxey from Wolverhampton Wanderers would go part of the way to restoring Mr Morgan’s credibility. It is bandied around that Mr Moxey earns £1 million per year, for a club staring into the abyss of financial ruin that is a totally unrealistic figure, and if he really is a Director then any role he has within the club should not be salaried and he should also be removed from the executive decision making process or if possible from the club altogether. Besides Mr Moxey would make a perfect scapegoat for Mr Morgan.

Then we come to Dean Saunders. I felt disgust when he was appointed. I referred to him as a “Gurning Gargoyle” and quoted Oscar Wilde trying to be clever and superior. Waste of time that. Having decided to get rid of Ståle Solbakken, and I’m not going through the rights and wrongs of that here, I felt the Saunders was the right type of manager, young, ambitious…..except Saunders was rubbish at Doncaster and had/has no growing reputation as a manager. He did/does have one outstanding qualification for a job managing Wolves and that is price. He is cheap. Simply put having a Poundland manager he has managed to turned ex Premier League players into Poundland players with his *tactics* and *insightful* substitutions. He took Doncaster from the Championship to League One and he’s overseen the same situation at Wolves. So where does that leave Dean Saunders in my utopian dream of a Wolves rebuild? Given that the manager’s job at Wolves is less secure than being Chelsea manager, I don’t think we have any choice. We’re lumbered with him. Nobody unless they were clinically insane would take on Wolves at the moment. I’m not even sure Saunders will last beyond Christmas 2013 unless Wolves are riding high in League 1.

Perhaps I’m being unfair to Dean Saunders, perhaps I’m not, but whether you hate Mr Morgan, Mr Moxey or Mr Saunders then there is another group that is also culpable for the mess. That’s the players.

And here they are – the future and the past.

1  >Wayne Hennessey

3  >George Elokobi

4  >David Edwards

6  >Jody Craddock

7  >Slawomir Peszko

8  >Karl Henry

9  >Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

10  >Bakary Sako

11  >Stephen Ward

12  >Stephen Hunt

13  >Carl Ikeme

14  >Roger Johnson

15  >Bjorn Sigurdarson

16  >Christophe Berra

17  >Razak Boukari

19  >Adam Hammill

20  >Jack Robinson

21  >Kaspars Gorkss

22  >Eggert Jonsson

23  >Nouha Dicko

24  >Jamie O’Hara

25  >Danny Batth

26  >David Davis

28  >Tongo Doumbia

29  >Kevin Doyle

30  >Matt Doherty

31  >Dorus De Vries

32  >Kevin Foley

33  >Jamie Reckord

34  >Georg Margreitter

35  >Jake Cassidy

36  >Aaron McCarey

39  >Michael Ihiekwe

41  >Jack Price

42  >Tim Jakobsson

43  >Aljaz Cotman

44  >Kristian Kostrna

45  >Jordan Cranston

46  >Sam Whittall

48  >Jake Kempton

49  >Liam McAlinden

50  >Jamie Tank

 Lee Evans

Without really trying very hard I can see 11 or more players that I would ship out, albeit in the case of 1 or 2 of them, with reluctance, and there are a couple for whom Wolves are likely to receive bids that will be hard to refuse. One way or another I see a massive shake up in the playing staff at the Molineux and in League 1 Wolves will find it hard to attract any good proven players. Financially we can’t afford to keep the high earners and as they have so chronically under-performed Wolves cannot afford to keep them.

So where now? After the post match antics of the fans in the wake of the loss to Burnley Mr Morgan may well decide that enough is enough and look to sell his stake in the club to anyone who is prepared to take it off him. Again the same fans who forced his hand over Mick McCarthy and Ståle Solbakken may well have succeeded in making Mr Morgan’s mind up for him. This is a difficult position that the fans have in part created. If Mr Morgan goes who will come and buy the club? There is a significant number of Wolves fans out there who wish to see Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey leave the Wolves for good.

As Roy Hodgson said – *BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR*

Ciao for Now



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